All writers need reviews! And, that said, most writers want to compile 4-star (or even five-star) reviews. I will do my best to include ALL reviews, whether 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or whatever number stars. So, please read the following reviews from those who have given me their say on what I create for God’s Glory:

“As a new reader of sonnets, I was impressed by how they drew me in. Timothy’s work is catchy, complex and engaging. I’ve read a number of his sonnets and am always impressed by them. You never know what you’re going to get and it’s always a pleasant surprise.”Dag N., Austin, Texas

“Timothy’s artwork is very deep and of a sensitive nature; deep pain and an ocean of love. His sonnets are very spiritual and just get deeper and deeper. His sonnets are really sign posts that lead to the Creator and our Savior. Timothy pinpoints the foibles of the seeker and the Grace of God. Timothy sent me an advanced copy of a book he is seeking to publish about a chained dog he rescued named Blue. Timothy wrote the story and did the illustrations, and I LOVED the book and I LOVED the artwork. I didn’t expect it to confer that much feeling. I think Timothy was considering changing what he had written and drew, but I told him, ‘just as is!’ If I could fill in the blanks about Timothy, I would say, ‘Timothy is God’s Child who is love itself, and he is very special and talented, a one of a kind, because God ordained him to be so.'”Mark S., Lafayette, Louisiana

CLARABELLE COMES CLEAN: Heartwarming, Funny, and Delightful! 5 out of 5 stars. A short “tail” on bullying and stereotyping, two things that need to be addressed at elementary school, and this book does a marvellous job doing that, thanks to Clarabelle’s glorious idea. I highly recommend this to parents and teachers of elementary school children everywhere! An excellent way to start the conversation about these 2 very important topics. – Nelson F. Gonzalez (https://nelsongonzalezwrites.com/)

CLARABELLE COMES CLEAN: I loved your story for children ‘Clarabelle Comes Clean’.  The story had a nice moral against bullying and the characters were very relatable.  I also enjoyed Stuart Weasel’s character from the TV Channel. The illustrations were superb!  Overall, a splendid first effort at a children’s book by the author Timothy J. Verret.  This book deserves a place on every school library shelf. Gopi Menon (https://GopiMenonAuthor.com)

Please visit my fellow writer friend’s website for his glowing review of my children’s book, CLARABELLE COMES CLEAN: https://nelsongonzalezwrites.com/book-review-for-clarabell…/ “Thank you SOOO much, Nelson Gonzalez, for reviewing my children’s book, CLARABELLE COMES CLEAN, on your website. Your review was so kind and so wonderfully written, and I really do appreciate the review SOOO much! Thanks again, Nelson!” – Timothy J. Verret

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