We, animal welfare advocates, have “rights” when it comes to helping animals who hurt, because we are hurting inside for them and us. We know what it feels like to be fatherless and motherless like many animals are, although many of us have fathers and mothers, even if they were not what we hoped for. We know what it feels like to be lonely like many animals are, and we “hurt” for the animals who are lonely and want to be their friend. We know what it feels like to be caged up, literally and figuratively, like many animals are, and we want both animals and ourselves to break free from these cages.

We, animal welfare advocates, have “rights” when it comes to speaking up for the “voiceless” animals and not be ashamed or even shamed for that. Many of you, when we talk about animal welfare issues, want to “humanize” our cause. When we speak up for an animal welfare cause, many of you will say, “what about children?” or “what about the homeless?” It is actually very insulting to do this, as it makes us feel that we DON’T have “rights” to care about animal welfare, in and of itself, because you have brought in the human angle when that was not who we were speaking up for. We know you mean well, but we do not like this. It actually takes away from our speaking up for the animal welfare cause that we feel is admirable and lofty, in and of itself. Many of you do not care that we anthropomorphize animals, though we have every right to do just that. We don’t want you to “de-anthropomorphize” what we feel in our hearts are our “rights” regarding animal welfare.

We, animal welfare advocates, have “rights” to protect the innocent, those without a voice, those without a champion, that the animals so desperately need. We know that children are innocent, as well, and we do very much care about children. But we are animal welfare advocates, which means we stand up for animals and not children. We do hope that if you wish to advocate for the innocent children, that you will. But please allow us our “rights” to advocate for the innocent animals, as we believe this is exactly what God has purposed us for.

We, animal welfare advocates, truly and “rightfully” are upset when:

  1. A dog or cat is bred to have puppies and kittens, when we already have numerous homeless dogs and cats in shelters. We do NOT support breeding but only spay and neuter until there is not one single dog or cat in a shelter needing a loving, forever home.
  2. A mother cow has her babies immediately torn from her on factory farms for her milk for her babies. As mentioned regarding the fatherless and motherless, we believe all animals born should spend their entire lives with their father and mother to be loved and never abandoned.
  3. An animal is put in a research lab to be tested on and tortured. Many of you will say, “I am a human, NOT an animal,” and if that be the case, then why test on and torture animals for human concerns?
  4. An animal is taken out of the wild and put into a circus, amusement park, or zoo for human domination. We believe that God made wild animals “wild,” meaning they need to stay in the wild and be allowed the freedom to run and play and love in the wild.
  5. An animal is killed for fur or leather or feathers or other human clothing products. God gave humans skin, same as God gave animals fur or leather or feathers or other outer protection. We do not want anyone killing an animal to wear that animals’ protection that God gave him or her.
  6. Speaking of “him” and “her,” we very much dislike when someone refers to an animal as an “it.” An animal is NOT an “it,” as an “it” is an inanimate, nonfeeling object that is not alive. Animals ARE animate and NOT objects who feel and are alive, so out of respect and their “rights,” they deserve to be called “him” or “her,” as applicable.
  7. An animal is hunted for sport. Truth be told, we don’t like any hunting at all, because we care very much for the family unit, and we do not feel it is kind to kill an animal, even for food, as that animal has a family who will grieve for him or her when he or she is killed.
  8. A farm animal is put on a factory farm and kept in the most intense confinement and kicked and assaulted by factory farm workers, only to have their life taken from them at slaughter for their meat. We do not wish to get into an argument about whether one should eat meat or not. We only feel we have “rights” to personally not eat meat because we do not support any industry that abuses farm animals which belong to God and, thus, should be treated as “good,” as God stated they were at creation (Genesis 1:25). We know that these same animals have feelings and suffer and feel pain, and we do not want to inflict that on them or support anyone who does, so that is why most (if not all) of us are vegetarians or vegans.

We, animal welfare advocates, have “rights” to actually like people, which many of us do, and would never in a million years NOT help a fellow human who is in pain or suffering. But, once again, we are animal welfare advocates, and this means we speak up for the voiceless animals and wish not to be derailed from this under any circumstances.

We, animal welfare advocates, pray you can accept our “rights” to speak up for the voiceless animals, to never shy away from helping them when they need us, and to always go to bat for them, even to the point of personal suffering and/or mental/emotional difficulties.

Please accept these “rights,” so that we can accept your “rights” to stand up for whatever or whomever you care to make your own personal cause to fight for. We, animal welfare advocates, pray that each person will stand up for the cause that he or she believes in, because then all could leave in peace and there would be no pain or suffering in this world.

Always and ONLY for the animals, as we are animal welfare advocates,

Timothy J. Verret


“And the god that came out was a spider” (Karin in Ingmar Bergman’s THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY)

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in Jehovah-Jireh providing me with all I need this daily leavened bread (Bible scripture reference Genesis 22:14 [NWT])”)

NOTE: I once was facing a very, very important outcome that looked very, very bad. A friend told me to repeat over and over, “Jehovah-Jireh, God is my Provider,” which I did. The outcome was very, very good.

You call God “a distant, cold entity.”

God’s up there and you’re down here all alone.

What if God is your true identity,

not far from you at all? God is your clone.

I call God “a friend” when I’m so lonely,

like right about now. God is “Jehovah-

Jireh, Provider.” My huge heart only

beats for God’s Huge Love, my Casanova.

“And Abraham called, ‘Jehovah-Jireh,

You are my Place, my Home away from home.'”

Loneliness is we’re not Home yet. Hear ya’

as God calls out for you, “Child, do not roam!”

Ingmar Bergman filmed God as “a spider.”

We call, “Jehovah-Jireh, Provider.”


This meerkat has no fear that The Hour is near

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in Mark 13:35, for The Hour I do not know, but me? AWAKE!”)

You keep on the watch, waiting for your hour.

It won’t come on your time nor by your sky.

“But I know my clock is correct.” Power

and Praise of Him is timed by God on High.

I keep on the watch, praying He will show

up soon. I want to go Home. I am spent.

He won’t come until all will come to know

He’s King Jesus, the One who came and went.

“What I say to you all: Keep on the watch.

The Hour, none know but God who is ‘My Make.'”

They can lie down and consider their blotch.

They can slumber in number. We? AWAKE!

We are alert. We wait. We pray. We scour.

Keep on the watch. None but God know The Hour.


Odd chick out? Good! Stick out like a “sore chick!”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in ‘even’ sticking out [but not too sore], as God knows I am most definitely one of the odd men out”)

You’re odd man out when the first is the last.

This is vital for those not of the norm.

“The world doesn’t get me!” Good! You “broad”cast

your uniqueness “far and wide.” Don’t conform!

I’m odd man out when first, last, and middle.

Whomever, I stick out like a sore thumb.

Good! I won’t remedy the world’s riddle:

“Born below.” NO! Above is where I’m from.

Jesus was “odd” man out. He, Heaven made.

He spoke of “even” things: Numbers Above

brought down to solve equations below. Grade

of A+. The answer? He healed it! LOVE!

God’s Sonnet today: Let us love. Devout

is Jesus who loves “even” odd men out.

THE MAIDS (1974)

(a “get me back onstage NOW!” film review by Timothy J. Verret)

What a gift from The American Film Theatre that in the early 1970s, they were able to bring to moviegoers outstanding plays for the screen. And they brought audiences great ones with great actors and actresses who took a huge salary cut for their love of these plays. Many at that time couldn’t afford or couldn’t find theatrical plays to attend, so The American Film Theatre brought the theatre to them. And they did just that in 1974 with Jean Genet’s THE MAIDS.

THE MAIDS is a French play about two maids who “act out” the class clash of them and their Madame. Claire and Solange are the maid sisters who take turns plotting ways to kill Madame but in the end, the tragedy is more relational. I admit to putting this DVD on and getting distracted, as is often the case with computers and phones, but I was eventually brought back to the film and, boy, I am SOOOO glad I was. This dialogue of this play is biting and acerbic and must have been quite the stunner for the 70’s audience. While watching this filmed play, I was reminded of Edward Albee’s plays like WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? (also filmed) and A DELICATE BALANCE (which, ironically, was also produced and filmed by The American Film Theatre and which I saw and loved!). Albee must have been heavily influenced by Genet, because they both have similar approaches to cut-throat dialogue and deep and rich character development. I am a HUGE fan of this level of intensity, for I write very much the same.

Glenda Jackson and Susannah York play Solange and Claire, respectively. They are mesmerizing, to say the least, particularly Glenda Jackson who delivers at the end a monologue that is jaw-dropping and leaves the viewer devastated. York is incredibly beautiful compared to Jackson who is a bit androgynous-looking and certainly “manlier.” Together, their performances are magic. I was pleasantly enraptured with Jackson who I know has given multiple performances on film and yet I don’t believe I have seen any. She did win an Oscar as Best Actress for WOMEN IN LOVE in 1970 (I only know this because my favorite, Barbra Streisand, was also nominated for THE WAY WE WERE and was heavily touted to win but didn’t). Jackson won a second Best Actress Oscar for A TOUCH OF CLASS in 1973. How Jackson did not receive a third Best Actress Oscar for 1974’s THE MAID is beyond me. She is remarkable and her performance made we wish I could go back to acting onstage NOW!

As I have said many times on film reviews here, the Special Features of DVDs are what I most look forward to, and THE MAIDS had an interview with the lady who founded The American Film Theatre and her intentions, and I thought to myself, “This is what we need RIGHT NOW for those who cannot go to the theatre for the above reasons and for the COVID pandemic.” And then I thought, “Might I be so bold as to do something that would bring theatre to those ‘shut in’ by COVID?” I don’t know if I can be that bold at this time, but I do believe I am bold enough to return to the stage and go “back to life” acting and enriching characters with my enriching and emotional experiences as a human.

THE MAIDS is a sensational film made from a sensational play, and I highly recommend it, as well as recommend watching all of The American Film Theatre‘s film productions of marvelous plays which can be purchased in a collection at:

I may, in fact, order my copy NOW! 😁


Please don’t surrender your pet. With a lifetime home for him or her, God will “surrender” to you Home runs effortlessly.

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in moment-by-moment surrender this daily leavened bread [second day off from work]”)

You think to surrender in one lump sum.

It is moment-by-moment that you raise

your hands up and say, “I can’t be a bum

with nowhere to go!” Go Home where God stays.

I have to surrender when I’m dead tired,

“I’m dead,” when I have no fight left in me.

“I’m alive” at the moment I am hired

to do God’s Will. Not just alive, “I’m FREE!”

“I’m alive. I died with Christ. Christ is FREE!”

Gone the games as anti-Heaven heathens.

We “surrender” Home runs effortlessly.

With man, we are “outs.” With God, bequeath “ins.”

Whether lifetime crime or first offender,

God is moment-by-moment surrender.


Whether tears of pain or joy, “it” doesn’t matter. “It” is that “God is Love” when we stare off into space

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in the stare off into space to find I’m never alone, for ‘God is Love’ this leavened daily bread [day off from work]”)

You stare off into space, waiting for it.

“It” is hope. “It” is joy. “It” is “love you.”

If you were loved from the beginning, nit-

pick NOT that you’ll be loved as you pass through.

I stare off into space, waiting for You

Who I lose most when I matter the least.

I’m brave, though. Space can’t deter me from Who

is my Landscape: God North, South, West, and East.

“I will send My Troops to find you in space

as P.O.W. for Love.” SPLENDOR!

When spaced by the enemy to exhaust,

God sends Jesus and Angels: SURRENDER!

We are never alone in the first place.

“God is Love” when we stare off into space.


I don’t count 10 animals….I count 4. What about you?

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in God helping me to count to 4 this daily leavened bread”)

  1. Pray: You have to ask God for what you need.
  2. Tell me: You have to listen for what God speaks.
  3. Do it: You have to do what God decreed.
  4. Amen: You have to thank God. You reached peaks.
  1. Pray: I have to beg God to love me more.
  2. Tell me: I have to quiet “me” to hear “yes.”
  3. Do it: I have to love not as a chore.
  4. Amen: I have to rest. I reached “confess.”
  1. Pray: “I hear every word the humble say.”
  2. Tell me: “I whisper to them, ‘a kind touch.'”
  3. Do it: “I’m always with them come what may.”
  4. Amen: “I’m thankful they reached me that much.”

We get tired when we have to count to 10.

God counts 4: 1. Pray 2. Tell me 3. Do it 4. Amen.


People and animals are for the “take” and NOT the “leave”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope this daily leavened bread in saying ‘I’ll take the Deep Love of God'”)

It’s true that they can take you or leave you.

They’re “okay” if you hang around or not.

You are dispensable. You are their “who

needs him, really?” Maybe they don’t get “got.”

If they take me, I will put up no fight.

If they try to leave me, I’ll pluck out eyes.

“Take” is passive, “leave” is aggressive, “might”

is “mighty” anxiety. Strength tells lies.

“I’m not One who will take you or leave you,

for I never ‘up-down’ like a see-saw.”

God don’t “play” with us like toys. If we knew

how deep the Love of God, would we withdraw?

We can seek the glory of man: Bereave.

We can rest in God’s Deep Love: Take or leave?


No one can “theft” our Identity: Christ

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in this daily leavened bread of Identity: Christ”)

You have an identity no one knows.

You hide it, thus hide “do, get, know, for ‘good.'”

What is this identity? Is it “lows”

no one could elevate for you? God could.

My identity is no longer mine.

He sets my feet upon His Rock. The Light

of His Word can’t hide what I “under”line.

“Over” God’s Rainbow, I’m bound. Heavens: Height.

When we’re low, we’re High. Identity: Christ.

When we’re weak, we’re strong. The Journey begins….

When we’ve nothing, we have “He Sacrificed.”

Every “SIN”g is His Grace, vanished our “SIN”s.

We will have hurts amid serenity.

We bleed, as Jesus bled: Identity.