“Father God, thank You for gathering us THIS Lord’s Day in Your Love. No matter the matter, Your Love does NOT change one bit. It does not tremble, it does not fluctuate, it does not move even when we move. It remains the “Gather” and never the scatter as You gather us together in Your Son’s and our Savior’s Name, Jesus Christ. It’s always been BOTH because it’s always been about BOTH of You. This is Your Love Letter to us, Father God. We won’t be shoved or outshined when we gather together in BOTH Your Names no matter the matter. On a more personal note, I gather Your nonhuman animals THIS Lord’s Day in Your Love. The love I have for them is Your Love, Father God. It’s precisely Your Love that opens me up to love them. I BOTH love them AND help them. I love and help them every time I write a God Sonnet and give them a voice. I don’t boast about loving and helping Your nonhuman animals; I only boast that You, Father God, allow me to love and help them. No matter the matter, let this always be knew and know and so. I pray all of this in the Wonderful and Precious and Matter Name of Jesus Christ, and this prayer is answered by my faith and my belief. Please help me, Father God, where my faith and my belief are lacking. Amen.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope no matter the matter that the Love Letter from Father God and Jesus Christ is that they BOTH matter to me and I matter to BOTH of them this daily leavened [Jesus Shines!] bread.”)

No matter the matter, you’ll be okay.

“Better than okay?” Better you trust Him.

Each circumstance matters for your child’s play.

“Come to Me, little children” is prelim.

No matter the matter, I’ll be beloved.

“Better than beloved?” Not one thing better.

I shine when “mine” is His. I won’t be shoved

or outshined when Jesus is Love Letter.

“It’s that you matter that I matter, too,”

says Jesus. “BOTH! It’s always been this way.

BOTH Me and My Father for BOTH your knew

and know that what matters is THIS Lord’s Day.”

Others will fall short and they will scatter.

God is “Gather” no matter the matter.

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“Father God, thank You that it is the unseen where we find Your Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ. What we can see with our physical eyes is temporary. What we can see with our spiritual eyes is hope eternal. What is OF the world is heartless. What is IN the world is heart’more.’ ‘Oh, but what good is it if we can’t see it!’ You are Good, Father God, and we can’t see You, but we CAN feel you and we CAN know You through Your Word and our Love-in-Action through Jesus. Thank you, Father God, for camouflaging some of Your nonhuman animals so they won’t be hurt, as this picture shows. On a more personal note, I wish ALL nonhuman animals were camouflaged so they wouldn’t be hurt. When one hurts one of Your nonhuman animals, Father God, they hurt me and they hurt You. When one hurts one of Your humans, they hurt me and they hurt You. And when I hurt myself, I REALLY hurt me and I REALLY hurt You! Please help me, Father God, not to hurt me and You this daily leavened bread. Help me always see (pun intended) when Jesus says, ‘Timothy, see Me in the unseen.’ I pray all of this in the Wonderful and Precious and Unseen Name of Jesus Christ, and this prayer is answered by my faith and my belief. Please help me, Father God, where my faith and my belief are lacking. Amen.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in finding Jesus in the unseen IN and not OF the world this daily leavened [Unsee Jesus!] bread.”)

It’s not what you can see that is your gold.

It’s the unseen that is your pot of Grace.

“Oh, but I have to see it to behold!”

Behold Jesus in the unseen Embrace.

What I can see is just temporary.

What I unsee is my hope eternal.

“Oh, but I can’t unsee what I carry!”

I can, ’cause I carry it “internal.”

“See Me in the unseen, not in darkness,”

says Jesus. “It’s the Light inside of Me.

See nothing OF the world that’s so heartless.

See Me IN the world. Spirit? Yes! Unsee!”

Those shapes. Those hurts. Those only give smoke screen

when Jesus says, “See Me in the unseen.”

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wrong turns, Right Road

“Father God, thank You that you have placed us on the Right Road, even if we sometimes or often end up taking the wrong turns. You allow Your Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ, to Direct us There from our wrong detours back to You There, ‘Our Father.’ And back to You There is always back to Your Love There. ‘Oh well’ works best when we take these wrong turns. ‘Oh my God’ works best for bringing us back to Your Love, Father God. ‘Oh well’ does NOT mean we stay lost. It just means that we have messed up big or small because we’re human, but we can always go back to Your Spiritual Love through the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. On a more personal note, yes, please slow down for wildlife, as the picture informs us. It’s their world and, yes, their road, too. BOTH humans AND nonhuman animals are allowed the freedom to look both ways and cross the Right Road. It can’t always be pretty when we are driving and a nonhuman animal crosses our path, but we can take the necessary precautions to save BOTH ourselves AND the nonhuman animals crossing that road. Some, of course, will say, ‘save yourself,’ but I say, ‘save BOTH!’ I pray all of this in the Wonderful and Precious and The Direction Name of Jesus Christ, and this prayer is answered by my faith and my belief. Please help me, Father God, where my faith and my belief are lacking. Amen.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in staying on the Right Road and taking Direction from Father God through Jesus Christ this daily leavened [Jesus is There!] bread.”)

You are on the Right Road, though of wrong turns.

Thank God you don’t always have to be right.

God is always Right Road for all your burns.

“Don’t touch that stove!” God is your Pilot Light.

I am on the Right Road, though of wrong ways.

Thank God I don’t always have to be best.

“Oh well” has now become my “nowadays.”

“Oh my God” has always been my “distressed.”

“I am the Right Road for your wrong detours,”

says Jesus. “I am The Direction took.

You can’t always be right or best for yours.

For Me, you can always be Who you, ‘LOOK!'”

There is God’s Love, whether There fast or slowed.

There is Jesus There for wrong turns, Right Road.

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Blackfish (2013) - IMDb

(a “broken family” film review by Timothy J. Verret)

This has to be a first ever: Me not being able to watch a film in its entirety not because the film was boring but simply because the film broke my heart too much. I have tried to watch BLACKFISH multiple times (it’s overdue on my library account), but I just can’t take the “broken family” of the film, the “breaking away” of a nonhuman animal from his or her family for humans’ entertainment. This is unfortunately the reality of all nonhuman animal amusement parks and acts that are for humans’ entertainment, making the “broken family” NOT just a human “break.”

The film, as best as I can tell from not having seen it in its entirety, centers around SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau who began her “Dine With Shamu” show on February 24, 2010, just as she had many times before. This particular show, however, included a gruesome finale that left Brancheau’s body without her left arm or part of her scalp, among other injuries. Dawn Brancheau was declared dead shortly after the show, but still, 11 years later, SeaWorld claims no responsibility for the vicious attack. This reality “breaks” my heart because it’s BOTH a human AND a nonhuman animal reality. Dawn’s family lost Dawn just as Shamu and all other killer whales captured in the wild and placed in amusement parks and acts lose their family. This fact is the very part when I turned the film off, i.e., the capture of baby killer whales out in the wild as their mothers screamed out for their babies. Interesting, as well, that humans don’t only do this in the sea. They do it EVERY SINGLE DAY OF EVERY SINGLE MOMENT on the land, when they tear a baby cow or pig from his or her mother on a factory farm for human’s “entertaining” breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I would go out on a limb or a fin (and I don’t think it’s a very long limb or fin) to say that all human families care very much about their family and want their babies kept in the family as long as possible. If this limb or fin is correct, why would it be any different for all nonhuman animal families to care very much about their family and want their babies kept in the family as long as possible? A nonhuman animal amusement park or act is known for human families attending these as a family outing. How compassionate is it for a human family to attend a family outing when they know a nonhuman animal family has become a “broken family” because this human family outing “broke” the nonhuman animal’s family apart? Is that amusement or is that apathy? Is that fun or is that family? Is that BOTH humans’ and nonhuman animals’ families “broken?”

And I don’t want to just spotlight humans who attend nonhuman animal amusement parks or acts, as many probably don’t know what horror goes on behind the scenes. But I do want to spotlight SeaWorld, and not in a good way, because they know EXACTLY what horror goes on behind the scenes and they know EXACTLY why they will not shut down their amusement park. Why? You guessed it: MONEY!!!! SeaWorld, in fact, was taken to court regarding Dawn Brancheau’s death 11 years ago and yet SeaWorld is STILL open and operating? I, unfortunately, don’t know exactly what happened in this court verdict because I couldn’t get through the film. But what I know EXACTLY is no matter the outcome of the court verdict, SeaWorld continues to operate its “entertainment” business, because SeaWorld only cares about human money and nothing about nonhuman animal misery.

What is truly enlightening about this film review is that it hits close to home (pun intended). I’m left to wonder why this film triggered me so deeply, because I consider my own family of origin a “broken family.” Why would I care so much about a “broken family” of nonhuman animals if my own family is “broken,” as well? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my “broken family” is a human “break,” while the “broken family” of nonhuman animals for humans’ entertainment is NOT within their own family but an outside human “break.” There is a commonality there, right? But you see, I can put my own finger on myself when it comes to my “broken family” and “cleaning my side of the street.” Nonhuman animals CANNOT put their own finger (or fin) on themselves, because they have ZERO “cleaning their side of the street” when it comes to their “broken family.” It’s the humans who break apart their family, and SeaWorld in particular needs to be TOTALLY “cleaning their side of the street” and TOTALLY shameful for these nonhuman animals’ “broken family.” And it sounds like SeaWorld is NOT
“cleaning up their side of the street” or even remotely shameful if they are still opened and operating….which they are. Maybe they should call it ShameWorld and NOT SeaWorld. 😉

Even though I have not seen BLACKFISH in its entirety, I hope you will. I’m just funny (not in a good way) that way when it comes to witnessing animal abuse. When I witness animal abuse, whether in person or in a film like this, I am just SOOOOO HEARTBROKEN, that it leaves me triggered and trembling and “trashed and crashed.” In fact, last night, when I tried to watch the film yet again, I turned it off and “trashed and crashed” straight to my bed because I was SOOO SAD! The only time I can remember that happening before is when I watched PETA’s “Meet Your Meat” ( In addition to watching BLACKFISH (even though I couldn’t), please, please, PLEASE watch PETA’s “Meet Your Meet” video. “Oh, but I can’t watch that. It will make me so sad!” Well, then, I REALLY hope you watch it because if it makes you “so sad,” maybe it will make you “so vegan.” 🧡🐾💛🐾💚🐾💙🐾

Let’s face some hard, cold facts: Humans have absolutely NO RIGHT to capture beautiful and sensitive and majestic creatures out of the sea (or on the land) to get these same creatures to perform for our entertainment. As the poster for this film says, “Never capture what you can’t control.” And let’s face more hard, cold facts: If humans can’t even control themselves (God does that!), then humans certainly cannot control a killer whale that is WAY bigger than them and, as research shows, WAY more emotionally complex than most humans give them credit for. I hope you will join me in knowing that a “broken family” is a BOTH human AND nonhuman animal reality. I hope you will consider repairing your “broken family” AND repairing the “broken family” of any nonhuman animal amusement park or act by NEVER going to one and telling others not to go to one either.

There is nothing about BLACKFISH that is “black.” What is “black” is any human (I’m talking specifically to you, SeaWorld) that would even consider capturing wild and precious and free nonhuman animals from the sea (or the land) and forcing and abusing them to perform for human’s entertainment. The “black” human (not fish) stain of that is nonhuman animals of a “broken family” because humans “broke” the family apart.

PS(PERFECT SEA)1: I hope you will read today’s God Sonnet “Don’t Ease Our Ego!” as the sonnet words and the sonnet prayer is all about this film review (

PS(PERFECT SEA)2: PLEASE do me (and God’s nonhuman animals for a “free and perfect sea”) a favor and sign these very important petitions to SHUT DOWN SEAWORLD. Even if you just sign one (but I really want you to sign them ALL 😉), one signature on one petition could change MANY nonhuman animal lives in amusement parks and acts like SeaWorld for the better:

PS(PERFECT [PRAYER] SEA)3: “Father God, PLEASE forgive me for being so angry throughout this film review. I know that the ‘broken family’ of BOTH humans AND nonhuman animals is because there are so many “broken” people who desperately need You. I know this because I am ‘broken’ myself, and I need You to heal my ‘brokenness.’ The Only Way to heal this ‘brokenness’ in BOTH of us is to go to Your Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ, for The Healing we BOTH desperately need. Only Jesus can do this! I pray through the Holy Spirit for BOTH humans AND nonhuman animals in a ‘broken family.’ I pray that Jesus can repair BOTH of them. And there’s no better way of repairing a ‘broken family’ than GOD’S LOVE! ‘And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is LOVE’ (1 Corinthians 13:13). Let Your Love, Father God, ALWAYS win for the BOTH of a ‘broken family.’ I pray all of this in the Wonderful and Precious and Repairing/Healing BOTH ‘Broken Family’ Name of Jesus Christ, and this prayer is answered by my faith and my belief. Please help me, Father God, where my faith and my belief are lacking. Amen.”

God bless you and the “broken family” of BOTH humans AND nonhuman animals,

Timothy J. Verret


Shrine Circus | Animal Rights Foundation of Florida
“Father God, thank You that we have you and Your Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ, for all the applause we need. When we go searching for applause from man and these same men fall short (the applause ain’t loud enough or there is no applause at all), we are left with dis-ease and displease and no ease of our ego. It’s because our ego is just a placebo, but You, Father God, are The Good Drug we all and only need. This picture breaks my heart! Please, Father God, stop ALL NONHUMAN ANIMAL ACTS FOR HUMANS’ AUMSEMENT! It just breaks my heart to no end that any nonhuman animal amusement park or act (circus, rodeo, SeaWorld, etc.) would take these free, wild, beautiful, sensitive, nonhuman animals that You created out of their natural habitat and away from their families for humans’ amusement. Nonhuman animals were made to be free just like you and me! Human families will often attend these animal parks or acts, totally disregarding (or unaware) that these very nonhuman animals were torn away from THEIR families. Is that supposed to be a human family adventure when the nonhuman animal family adventure has been destroyed by humans? Isn’t family everything, Father God, for BOTH Your humans AND nonhuman animals? People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) says it better than I ever could: “Animals are NOT ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.” Amen, Amen, AMEN, and thank You for PETA, Father God. The Bible says it even better than that: “The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel” (Proverbs 12:10). I pray all of this in the Wonderful and Precious and Acceptance Name of Jesus Christ, and this prayer is answered by my faith and my belief. Please help me, Father God, where my faith and my belief are lacking. Amen.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in NOT the applause of man but ONLY the Applause of Father God who Applauds Jesus Christ this daily leavened [Jesus Accepts!] bread.”)

All the things you want ain’t all what you need.

What you need is NOT the ease of ego.

It feels good when you are what you succeed.

It feels better when God is your Credo.

When you applaud me, I feel I’ve arrived,

home to exactly where my ego “go.”

My ease of ego quickly is revived,

goes in search of new applause for new glow.

“NOT applause, Timothy! Just accept Me!”

shouts Jesus. “Ease of ego is dis-ease.

It’s ‘sick’ to think they are your devotee.

Devote yourself to Me! I heal displease.”

Turns out the ego is a placebo.

The Good Drug of God? Don’t ease our ego!

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Categorisation of antibiotics used in animals promotes responsible use to  protect public and animal health | European Medicines Agency
“Father God, thank You that we are allowed A-B-C-Dealing the feeling. Interesting that the picture shows A as in Avoid, B as in Restrict (does ‘Restrict’ start with a ‘B?’), C as in Caution, and D as in Prudence (does ‘Prudence’ start with a ‘D?’), because these words are NOT the A-B-C-Dealing the feeling. We do NOT Avoid but Acknowledge, we do NOT Restrict but Behind, we do NOT Caution but Childhood, and we do NOT Prudence but Deal. This way works when A-B-C-Dealing the feeling to He on High, Your Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ. Jesus felt all the time during His Walk on earth, and we need to feel all the time, as well. Even if our feelings aren’t always facts, we still feel to deal so we can heal! Father God, you know I am ALL about feelings. You wired me this way, so I feel what I feel so I can deal, and I do it A-B-C-Dealing the feeling. If there is anyone else out there reading this who is wired this way, please apply this A-B-C-D dealing the feeling to your ‘living this life.’ And on a more personal note, I do tend to A-B-C-Dealing the feeling about God’s nonhuman animals. Give me an Ant, and I feel. Give me a Bear, and I feel. Give me a Cat (Conrad….sorry, Groucho, your name don’t start with a ‘C’), and I feel. Give me a Dog (Blue), and I feel. Give me ANY nonhuman animal, and I am feeling what he or she (BOTH) is feeling. I pray all of this in the Wonderful and Precious and Dealing Name of Jesus Christ, and this prayer is answered by my faith and my belief. Please help me, Father God, where my faith and my belief are lacking. Amen.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in always A-B-C-Dealing the feeling to The Good Shepherd this daily leavened [Jesus Feels!] bread.”)

A-Acknowledge what you feel every time.

B-Behind what you feel is very deep.

C-Childhood, as in young is your lifeline.

D-Dealing the feeling as Shepherd’s sheep.

A-Accept that what I feel is okay.

B-Behind what I feel is always “why?”

C-Childhood, as in not allowed for “they.”

D-Dealing the feeling to He on High.

“YES, this works, Timothy, for you are ‘feel,'”

says Jesus. “I know feelings are all you.

Deal them to Me whereby A-B-C-Deal.

The Good Shepherd values how you feel true.”

Living this life is all the revealing.

Reveal A-B-C-Dealing the feeling.

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“OMG, thank You SO MUCH, Father God, for introducing me to the artist, Barbara Daniels, who reverses this anthropocentric world by putting humans in animals’ places, as the above picture shows. What if those roles were reversed? What if the cow, as in the above picture, took the milk from human mothers for their babies? Speaking of ‘won’t be pretty,’ that would NOT be pretty, so why are we doing this same exact thing to nursing mother cows? Please, Father God, helps us reverse this anthropocentric world, ‘of the world,’ to relieve the pressure of Your nonhuman animals who go through absolute hell from the fleshly pressure of Your humans. If humans were ‘in the world’ and not ‘of the world,’ they might understand this so much better and change this for Your nonhuman animals’ so much better. It is BOTH, right? On a more personal note, please, Father God, relieve the pressure I am in right now, else I detonate. Knowing that I am Loved by You through Your Son and my Savior, Jesus Christ, is the ONLY way of relieving the pressure I feel in all facets of my life. I pray all of this in the Wonderful and Precious and Non-Thresher Name of Jesus Christ, and this prayer is answered by my faith and my belief. Please help me, Father God, where my faith and my belief are lacking. Amen.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in the pressure I’m in being relieved by the Love of Father God through Jesus Christ this daily leavened [Jesus Relieves!] bread.”)

You are pressured in all facets of life.

It’s fixin’ to boil over and explode.

Speaking of fixin’, you can’t fix this strife.

God relieves this pressure when overload.

Someone, relieve the pressure, else I burst.

It won’t be pretty when I detonate.

Someone, like One, I need to put First.

Someone, like Jesus, before it’s too late.

“The pressure you feel, the Peace I do,”

says Jesus. “Step away from ‘of the world.’

What the world will give, nothing but world view.

What My Father and I give, ‘in the world.'”

We are God’s Love, else thrown in the thresher.

Only way of relieving the pressure.

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“Father God, thank You that you are One of few words but when You ‘speak them’ to us, what Grace! We, as humans, unfortunately do not always have the right words to speak to them. In these times, let us be willing to be just an ‘eyewitness,’ not ‘witnessing words,’ don’t ‘speak them.’ When we think we have the exact answer for the one who is broken, let us remember Your Words, Father God: ‘If someone is caught in a sin, you who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently. But watch yourselves, or you also may be tempted’ (Galatians 6:1). I believe the key words in that Scripture are: LIVE BY THE SPIRIT and GENTLY. In other words (no pun intended), ONLY if living by the Spirit and ONLY if gently are we poised to speak our words to them. If BOTH of these are NOT present, yes, we need be just ‘eyewitness.’ Thank you, Father God, that we have the only Witness we need and that is Your Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ. Can I get a witness? On a more personal note, I am NOT a child of God of few words. I typically speak ad nauseam. Help me, Father God, to ONLY speak if I am LIVING BY THE SPIRIT and GENTLY. And help me to always have words for Your nonhuman animals, as I am an animal welfare advocate for YOU! I pray all of this in this in the Wonderful and Precious and ‘Fitness’ Name of Jesus Christ, and this prayer is answered by my faith and my belief. Help me, Father God, where my faith and my belief are lacking. Amen.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in being an ‘eyewitness’ to anyone who might need me to be a witness for them this daily leavened [Jesus is Fit!] bread.”)

Can you get a witness, one of few words?

Can you get one who sees you, don’t “speaks you?”

You need One who’s seen it all in back”words”

and for”words.” You need Jesus! Witness Who!

Can I get a witness, one who’s “broken?”

Can I get one who holds me in my shame?

I need One who’s “soft” to get me jokin’

when I’ve lost my humor. Witness His Name!

“Take none so dire. Can I get a witness?”

asks Jesus. “Yes! Fewer words from their lips.

Witness Me carry you in My Fitness.

Witness Me Love you when all are ‘eclipse.'”

It’s NOT “witnessing words,” just “eyewitness,”

just DON’T “speak them.” Can I get a witness?

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“Father God, thank You that we are able to see that there are both sides to everything. What is NOT both sides is what we do when in a rift. We look only at our part and realize it is only our part that we can truly address. When none is solved in this rift, help ‘our’ to about face, forgive, and move on to a ‘newer Me’ that is Your Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ. There will ALWAYS be rifts in this life; it’s how we ‘rift’ that is only key. BOTH Your humans AND nonhuman animals know that there will be upswings and downswings in this life. I would go a step further if allowed, Father God, to say that Your nonhuman animals don’t have to go through all that about face, forgive, and move on to a ‘newer Me,’ for they harbor no malice or ill will or revenge or resentment toward another. That, unfortunately, is ALL Your humans go through, Father God. Help us go through ALL of that with Your Grace! ‘Peace be with you’ to BOTH us AND my tiger friends in the picture. I pray all of this in the Wonderful and Precious and ‘Check’ Name of Jesus Christ, and this prayer is answered by my faith and my belief. Please help me, Father God, where my faith and my belief are lacking. Amen.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in seeing both sides to everything and addressing only my side this daily leavened [Jesus Swings!] bread.”)

“He did me wrong!” Both sides to that decree.

“He” and “me” both had a part in the feud.

What “he” did is none relevant. What “me”

do is all relevant, both dame and dude.

“He did me wrong!” Both sides to that textbook.

“Textbook,” as in a constant blame of mine.

What did he do that was right? His “checkbook”

is that he gave me a “check” of my whine.

“There are both sides to when a rift takes place,”

says Jesus. “How YOU ‘rift’ is only key.

Talk it out and if none solved, about face

and forgive. Move on to a newer ‘Me.'”

There are both sides, both upswing and downswing.

There’s “me” and “you,” both sides to everything.

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That’s a picture of me and a donkey, Rosie (or as I call her, “Rosebud”), at the “Heaven on earth” GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, where I recently vacationed. It was a place not only for the healing of farm animals that have been rescued from “hell” but also for the healing of my own mind, body, and spirit. Below are the answers to questions I posed to myself in a “farm form” about my time there at the sanctuary and what it all meant to my mind, body and spirit:

VISITOR: Timothy J. Verret

DATE OF FARM TOUR: April 20, 2021 

1. When I visited GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES, what I came to realize is that? Farm animals are just like us! They have specific personality traits and are individuals just like us! It breaks my heart to know what God’s nonhuman farm animals have to endure on factory farms, where 99% of meat consumed by humans comes from. These factory farms are windowless warehouses where nonhuman farm animals have to live without the sun or wind on them. Being at GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES taught me that this sanctuary is EXACTLY how we are to take care of God’s nonhuman farm animals and that these nonhuman farm animals are NOT food for us. I know this is true because I am a Christian and in Paradise, the Garden of Eden, God told Adam and Eve, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food” (Genesis 1:29). I want Paradise on earth NOW which is why I do NOT eat God’s nonhuman farm animals. I know they are NOT food for me. Even those who buy meat from organic farms don’t seem to understand this. I appreciate that they are willing to purchase nonhuman farm animals as food from a “kinder farm,” but it’s still missing the point of Genesis 1:29, isn’t it? God’s nonhuman farm animals feel and care and love just like us! They have families just like us and they don’t want to suffer and die just like us! Going vegan is probably the single most important thing I have ever done in my life. It has opened up my heart, and I don’t believe anything else could have opened up my heart in the same way. I will NEVER, EVER eat God’s nonhuman farm animals, nor will I support ANYTHING that would exploit these beautiful beings that are creatures of God just like us! Being on this farm tour was “Heaven on earth” for me, and I pray all will go to GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES, take a farm tour, and experience their heart opening up wider as it did for me. If people can’t make it to the farm for a tour, I hope they will visit and take a self-guided farm tour for themselves. I think it will be a wonderful experience for them to see God’s nonhuman farm animals are, indeed, just like us! 

2. What struck me as most important on or after the farm tour was? That God’s nonhuman farm animals need a place like GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES. It’s a place where not only will these farm animals live in comfort and compassion by those who care for them like Diana Shaffner who runs the sanctuary but also will these farm animals will be able to be comforted and given compassion when they pass on from this “Heaven on earth” to be with God. What also struck me deep in my soul was when I met a baby cow named Sparky who had a yellow tag on his ear that read, “38.” I asked Diana what that was for, and she said that all farm animals on factory farms are given a number but NEVER a name. That broke my heart, as I know what my name means to me. I would NEVER want to be just a number! There was a little boy on the farm tour with me named Aiden and when Diana told me this, I looked at Aiden and said, “You see Sparky over there, Aiden? This beautiful animal was only a number but now that he has been rescued and is being cared for at this sanctuary, he now has a name, just like you and me!” I find it so appalling that we live in a world where people not only eat animals but also give them a number instead of a name. It made me think of the Bible when God’s Word said, So the man. Adam, gave names to all the livestock, the birds in the sky and all the wild animals” (Genesis 2:20). If God cared enough to ask Adam to name all the animals created by God, then that must mean that God cares about the animals created and wants us to care about them, too. 

3. What surprised me the most on or after the farm tour was? The little boy named Aiden I mentioned in the previous question was someone I met at the start of the farm tour. He seemed very shy and even closed off, and I took it that he might be scared of the farm animals he was soon to meet. I wondered why his mother brought him to GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES if she thought her little boy would be scared of them. But as Aiden and I went through the farm tour together, I noticed something remarkable: Aiden started to open up and smile. It was apparent that with each and every farm animal Aiden met and greeted, he became more animated, laughing and smiling, and apparently having a great time. This did my heart SO GOOD, because I knew Aiden was being healed inside, in his mind, body, and spirit, with each and every farm animal he met and greeted. I noticed, too, that inside of me, in my mind, body, and spirit, I was also being healed with each and every farm animal I met and greeted. It was only in reflection after the farm tour that I realized that Aiden looked just like me at that age of 6 or 7. I felt that I had met my own inner child in Aiden, and that might be why God brought me on this farm tour. I think it is! I thank God for healing me in this way and healing Aiden from that initial place of shyness and uncomfortability to that final place of love and compassion and mercy to all the farm animals he met and greeted. 

4. I would love to give back to GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES in any way I can. I was thinking I could do this to help the sanctuary? I have written a children’s book called CLARABELLE COMES CLEAN that is a story about a pig named Clarabelle who is bullied and finds a peaceful and creative way to address the bullies who are taunting her. I would love VERY MUCH to promote my children’s book through GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES if they would have me? I think the book would be a nice complement for all those who attend this farm tour to show that farm animals are indeed courageous and loving and, yes, even creative. In fact, when the farm tour was over, I had a copy of my children’s book and I gave it to that little boy, Aiden, I was telling you about. I signed the book and wrote, “Aiden: I hope you enjoy this book and the story of Clarabelle. She and all farm and nonfarm animals are very special to me, and you are very special to me, too!” 

5. I am vegan or I have thought about going vegan. Going on the farm tour has brought veganism closer to home for me in this way? I am vegan and the farm tour at GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES lit a fire under and in and through me to promote veganism to others in a peaceful and accommodating way. I am a Christian, but I am sometimes embarrassed to call myself a Christian because so many Christians I know are NOT vegan and I don’t get that. I don’t get how Christians can call themselves Christians and eat God’s nonhuman farm animals at the same time! Don’t they know that God’s nonhuman animals deserve love, compassion and mercy just as God’s humans deserve love, compassion and mercy? I don’t understand this dreadful disconnect that so many Christians have. I am reminded of Proverbs 12:10 in the Bible that says, “The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.” Don’t Christians understand that if God gave us dominion over nonhuman animals (Genesis 1:26), that ALL God’s nonhuman animals are OURS, and we have a responsibility to care for OUR nonhuman animals and have dominion over them but NEVER to dominate them? I hope to continue on this course of promoting veganism, especially to the Christian friends I have, because I want all of them to extend love, compassion and mercy to BOTH humans AND nonhuman animals. I do believe this is the “walk and talk” of being a Christian. I don’t understand how a “walk and talk” of being a Christian could be anything LESS than this?!?!

Love and blessings always for BOTH humans AND nonhuman animals,🧡💛💚💙💜

Timothy J. Verret

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