Hi (or Hallå if you are Swedish)! My name is Timothy J. Verret, and I am 54 years old (born November 13, 1966) Here is a bit about me:

Timothy J. Verret received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama from the University of Texas at Austin (UTA).  He is an actor, director, writer of plays and sonnets and stories, and a painter.  Timothy’s last stage role was Iago in Shakespeare’s Othello, for which he received a national Falstaff Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actor, Male.  He is the author of Clarabelle Comes Clean, also published by Who Chains You? Publishing Company, a story about the terrible effects of bullying and stereotyping; the book is available for sale on Amazon or by contacting the publishing company at http://www.whochainsyou.com.  Timothy has also self-published two plays, the denial family and Ingenting, as well as a collection of sonnets entitled, Seventy-Seven Spiritual Sonnets:  Storms to Serenity, all available for purchase on Amazon.  He is an animal welfare advocate who co-founded CHAIN FREE AUSTIN, which successfully passed a dog-chaining ban in October of 2007 for the city of Austin, Texas.  Timothy always seeks to bridge his artistic skills with his compassion and love for God’s Animals.  He enjoys exploring the Enneagram (he is an Enneagram 4, in case you were wondering) and watching foreign films, as well as playing with a dog, Blue, and Conrad, that crazy cat.  Timothy has just one wish in life:  That all pain and suffering of people and animals would end, so that all could live in peace.  Timothy wants to thank you for visiting his creative website, and he asks that you extend compassion and kindness to ALL living beings, people and animals, that you encounter in your wonderfully special life!

If you are more intrigued by this Timothy J. Verret guy, you can find him and his creativity at:



Blessings and love always,

Timothy J. Verret

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