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Father God, thank You that we rest in testimony. Thank You that we rest in the Testimony of Your Son and our Savior and Deliverer, Jesus Christ. What is His Testimony? That we rest in His Testimony that is our Testify, that we rest in This, rest in tests, rest most in HIM. Look what good God has done for us. Going through and enrollee in (BOTH) these tests, we rest, rest in HIM, not us black-and-blue and control key (BOTH). If we fight in these tests, we won’t rest in HIM. If we try to control in these tests, we won’t rest in HIM. And don’t we all need rest in HIM right about now? On a more personal note, i am giving my testimony tonight at Celebrate Recovery, the sharing and hearing (BOTH) of this 4 for this 3: (1) who i once was, (2) what happened, and (3) who i am now. Did i fail to mention how nervous i am? i shared this nervousness with my therapist, Mark, and his reply was, “Just be yourself.” i replied, “Yeah, just be me!” i’ll be enough tonight for my Good GOD, resting most in HIM. Even if i’m not enough tonight, i can only be the best me God made me to be. Even if one (or none) in the audience hear my testimony, this one (4) heard that one call from God to give my testimony tonight. Maybe the testimony is this test I just wrote about? Maybe i’m going through and enrollee in (BOTH) this test and maybe not black-and-blue and control key (BOTH) but just rest in this, rest in this test, rest most in HIM? Maybe my testimony tonight is His Testify? Maybe my testimony is this clipboard picture for this sonnet: “Only Jesus?” Maybe, maybe, maybe…. i pray all of this in the Wonderful and Precious and Testimony/Testify Name of Jesus Christ, the Name above every other name, including my own name. This prayer is answered by my faith and my belief. Please help me, Father God, where my faith and my belief are not Testimony/Testify. Amen.

(God’s Sonnet by timothy j. verret; “it’s how i cope to hope [BOTH] in my testimony is His Testify, rest in This, rest in test, rest most in HIM, maybe this daily Testimony/Testify bread?”)

you rest in the testimony of you.

you rest in what good God has done for you.

you rest in the tests you’re still going through.

God said rest in Him, not you black-and-blue.

i rest in the testimony of me.

i rest in what good God has done for me.

i rest in the tests i’m still enrollee.

God said rest in him, not me control key.

“Rest in My Testimony for them,”

says Jesus. “It is Good GOD done for them.

My Testimony is their Testify.

Rest in This, rest in tests, rest most in HIM.”

we rest in Trinity matrimony.

we rest in tests, rest in testimony.

(picture by photographer, Hannah Busing, available for free without copyright laws at

2 thoughts on “REST IN TESTIMONY

  1. I need to learn to rest. If you ask my wife, I rest too much. The kind of rest I mean is soul revitalizing. Rest so that God can tell, rest so that I can feel it.


    1. Yes, Dag, there is a difference between physical rest and soulful rest. I’m still trying to figure out the difference 😉


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