November 13th is the day God brought me into this world. Wouldn’t you know on that exact day is Acadiana Walk, supporting the cause to fight suicide together? ONLY God could have planned that out with His Most Excellent Timing!

I have registered this cause, and I am very happy and blessed (BOTH) to report that i have reached the goal of raising $150 (actually, at this point, it is $3 over that goal!). i will be there at Acadiana Walk on November 13th and, if you are in my area, i do pray you will walk this important walk together with me.

As the picture informs, my honor beads are green, “personal struggle/attempted suicide.” I feel I would bore you with the details of this struggle and attempt (BOTH), but I will say that God rescued me time and time again from this. Why? Because God loves me that much. God loves me enough to not see me go out of this world like that. God had a Good Plan and Purpose for my life all along, yet I wanted to thwart that Good Plan and Purpose. You might feel some of this struggle and attempt (BOTH) in your mind, heart and soul and, if you do, feel free to share this with me if so inclined. They say in Celebrate Recovery circles that ‘God never wastes a hurt.” God did not waste these hurts of mine, for He has called me to be a testimony for those with the same struggle and attempt (BOTH).

And speaking of Celebrate Recovery and testimony, I will be giving my testimony at Celebrate Recovery on November 15th at The Bayou Church. There, I will share all of what God “never wasted a hurt” on me. Why? So I can heal the hurting who will be a witness to this testimony. Might i reach just one mind, heart, and soul of someone in the audience the night of my testimony? ONLY God can know if “never wasting a hurt” on me reaches just one someone in the audience who thinks God is wasting their own hurting.

If you can donate to this important cause, here are the links for the same:


American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP):

If any of the above links are not allowing you to donate, please let me know and will see what is up with that. I feel it’s important that i go above and beyond the reached goal. Why? Because God went above and beyond to reach me in my hurting and brought me to a testimony for my healing and their healing and all for His Glory!

And as the picture also informs, let us celebrate the lives of BOTH humans and nonhuman animals.

God bless all, and love and blessings to you,

timothy j. verret

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