red Amen lit-up signage
Father God, thank You that we know that as “Amen.” We know that as “Amen” because we know this Son, this Savior and Deliverer, Jesus Christ. All and none, HE is that and this (BOTH) “Amen.” “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End,” says the Lord, “Who is and Who was and Who is to come, the Almighty” (Revelation 1:8). “Amen!” Our pace and our full (BOTH) is Your Grace and Your Lull (BOTH). On a more personal note, I am a lonely cull INDEED. I think we all know the definition of “lonely,” right? But the definition of “cull” as a noun, what I found on Rhymezone, is “the person or thing rejected or set aside as inferior in quality.” Now, if that definition doesn’t describe EXACTLY how I have felt of late, I know that and this (BOTH) no other definition that and this (BOTH) would. I am feeling forgotten but am I REALLY forgotten by You, Father God? “Can a woman forget her nursing child, and not have compassion on the son of her womb? Surely they may forget, yet I will not forget you. See, I have inscribed you on the Palms of My Hands; your walls are continually before ME” (Isaiah 49:15-16). Does this and that (BOTH) Bible verse sound like I am REALLY forgotten by You, Father God? The verse does say, “surely, they will forget,” and indeed they do. But forgotten by You? “I will not forget you, Timothy, for I am that woman who never forgets the son that is you, Timothy, of My Womb. I have compassion on you, Timothy. I have inscribed you, Timothy, on the palms of My Hands; your walls, Timothy, are continually before ME.” Now this right here, I know that as “Amen.” I pray all of this in the Wonderful and Precious and FREE Name of Jesus Christ, the Name that loves BOTH humans and nonhuman animals. This prayer is answered by my faith and my belief. Please help me, Father God, where my faith and my belief are “I believe….help my unbelief!” We know that as “Amen.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope [BOTH] that I know that and this [BOTH] as ‘Amen’ this daily leavened [With Jesus, Born Again!] bread.”)

Without “Amen,” you stand no chance at Grace.

Without “Amen,” all will be your downf”all.”

You know that as “Amen,” you know this pace.

Your pace, God’s Grace, all for One, One for all.

Without “Amen,” I am a lonely cull.

Without “Amen,” none will be my comfort.

I know that as “Amen,” I know this full.

My full, God’s Lull, n”One” of my discomfort.

“Without ‘Amen,’ you cannot end with ME,”

says Jesus. “All and none, ME that ‘Amen.’

Know that as ‘Amen,’ know this as My FREE.

My FREE, My Gift, all and none Born Again.”

You might know me, this feeling forgotten?

God don’t forget. We know that as “Amen.”

(picture by photographer, Steve Harvey, available for free without copyright laws at https://unsplash.com/photos/Q4NFrDrQw-8)

2 thoughts on “WE KNOW THAT AS “AMEN”

  1. Good comment, Dag. Only one suggestion: “Good” to capitalize “God.” God is Good and deserves that Capitalization. my name, however, hardly deserves a capitalization – timothy


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