I am in a 30-Day Writing Challenge with Sentient Media. The challenge started on September 1, so I should be on Day 23. I am way behind (Day 11) but playing catch-up. I wrote the following that I feel very compelled to share with you:

Hi! My name is Blue, and I’m a Blue Heeler dog. My guardian’s name is Timothy.

A couple of months ago, Timothy tested positive for COVID and went into quarantine. At the time this occurred, I got very sick. At first, Timothy thought I might have caught COVID from him, but he took me to the vet to find out I tested positive for heartworms. 

When the vet called Timothy with this bad news, the vet gave him a 15- to 20-minute “lecture” on the full vet treatment of heartworms for me. He was crying. When the vet was finished, the vet asked him, “Did you understand any of that?” He replied, in tears, “I heard not one word you said after you told me my dog, Blue, has heartworms.”

Timothy made a pact with a friend of his when he lived in Austin, Texas, when he was rescuing dogs like me, that if any of their rescued dogs came down with heartworms, they would not put them through the full vet treatment. They deemed this treatment “brutal.” They deemed it also costly, which it is, but it was the “brutality” of giving a dog like me poison and keeping me in a cage for many months to kill these heartworms that hurt their hearts. Many told him the full vet treatment is the ONLY curative treatment for dogs testing positive for heartworms. Timothy said to them, as what he would say of his own life: “It is the quality and not the quantity of life that truly matters.”

Timothy did much research to treat me holistically, and he has had me on holistic medicines for about a month now. I am doing so much better, looking great and feeling great, but not sure if I am cured yet. The holistic heartworm medicine is from Amber Naturalz called “HWF – Healthy Heart.” He also gives me “Breathe Easy” to help with my lungs. He gives me my doses of these medicines in the morning and in the evening. I don’t like the taste of it, but I love when Timothy gives me the medicines and afterwards holds me and hugs me and says, “That’s my Big Boy, Blue! I’m SOOOO proud of you! I just LOVE YOU!”

According to the holistic customer reps Timothy spoke to, in 16-32 weeks of being on these holistic medicines, he will take me back to the vet to get another heartworm test. We are BOTH praying it will be negative for heartworms.

Can you please pray for me and my guardian, Timothy, praying that I am cured of heartworms from these holistic medicines? I love Timothy very much, and I know he loves me more than just about anyone in this world. He is my best friend, and I am his best friend. Sure, I want to live with Timothy forever but, as he says: “It is the quality and not the quantity of life that truly matters.”

Love and blessings,


(I counted 499 words including “DAY 11”)💙


  1. Beautiful impersonation of Blue’s thoughts that actually takes readers through your indomitable journey of hope.

    I am praying for Blue’s recovery and wish you both ‘best friends’ the world of love and longevity.


  2. Thank you SOOO MUCH, P.J. Yes, Blue and I, “best friends,” “huckleberry friends,” kind of like you and I. And Blue and I as “huckleberry friends” just sounds totally right, as Blue is a huckleberry hound and we are BOTH “hounded” in this fallen world!😉


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