“Father God, thank You that You are Good and Most (BOTH) when we are in bad and least ways. We can often feel when in these ways that we are far and drift, blind and Braille. But it’s precisely in these ways that Jesus is Close and See (BOTH). If You, Father God, can’t or won’t ‘way’ us through these ways and to better ways, who could or would? If You couldn’t or wouldn’t change and shift everything for Your Good and Most (BOTH), why boast and toast (BOTH)? From pillar to post, we just stay put! And speaking of ‘just stay put,’ this is precisely what God has called me to do in this quarantine I am in. I’m like my little mouse friend lying on the couch in the picture. ‘On the couch’ is about all I can do these ways and days. I’m amazed I could even write this God Sonnet given how sick I feel and how exhausted I am. But I have to write these God Sonnets every morning onward, because they give me hope in hopelessness, joy in joylessness, faith in faithlessness. They just might be a Saving Grace for me in this difficult period of my life. My little mouse friend in the picture also gives me great comfort because if he or she has been released from a research cage and brought ‘Home Sweet Home,’ it would make my staying put at ‘Home Sweet Home’ all the more tolerable. Father God, I desperately need Your Good and Most (BOTH) to help me this daily leavened bread. As You know, I’m a terrible and impatient (BOTH) patient when I am sick, and it borders on me being entirely inconsolable by anyone! I pray all of this in the Wonderful and Precious and Why ME? Name of Jesus Christ, and this prayer is answered by my faith and my belief. Please help me, Father God, where my faith and my belief are lacking. Amen.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in God Good and Most [BOTH] when I am in a bad and a least [BOTH] way this daily leavened bread.”)

You are in a bad way when God is Good.

You are in a least way when God is Most.

If God can’t “way” you through these ways, who could?

If God couldn’t change everything, why boast?

I am in a bad way when God is Good.

I am in a least way when God is Most.

If God won’t “way” me better ways, who would?

If God wouldn’t shift everything, why toast?

“It’s when it’s bad and least, I’m Good and Most,”

says Jesus. “If you’re Good and Most, why ME?

It will be when you’re far and drift, I’m Close.

It will be when you’re blind and Braille, I’m See.”

We’re too tossed these ways from pillar to post.

We just stay put when God is Good and Most.

picture at: https://media.springernature.com/relative-r300-703_m1050/springer-static/image/art%3A10.1038%2Fs41684-018-0151-3/MediaObjects/41684_2018_151_Figa_HTML.png

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