That’s a picture of me and a donkey, Rosie (or as I call her, “Rosebud”), at the “Heaven on earth” GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, where I recently vacationed. It was a place not only for the healing of farm animals that have been rescued from “hell” but also for the healing of my own mind, body, and spirit. Below are the answers to questions I posed to myself in a “farm form” about my time there at the sanctuary and what it all meant to my mind, body and spirit:

VISITOR: Timothy J. Verret

DATE OF FARM TOUR: April 20, 2021 

1. When I visited GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES, what I came to realize is that? Farm animals are just like us! They have specific personality traits and are individuals just like us! It breaks my heart to know what God’s nonhuman farm animals have to endure on factory farms, where 99% of meat consumed by humans comes from. These factory farms are windowless warehouses where nonhuman farm animals have to live without the sun or wind on them. Being at GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES taught me that this sanctuary is EXACTLY how we are to take care of God’s nonhuman farm animals and that these nonhuman farm animals are NOT food for us. I know this is true because I am a Christian and in Paradise, the Garden of Eden, God told Adam and Eve, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food” (Genesis 1:29). I want Paradise on earth NOW which is why I do NOT eat God’s nonhuman farm animals. I know they are NOT food for me. Even those who buy meat from organic farms don’t seem to understand this. I appreciate that they are willing to purchase nonhuman farm animals as food from a “kinder farm,” but it’s still missing the point of Genesis 1:29, isn’t it? God’s nonhuman farm animals feel and care and love just like us! They have families just like us and they don’t want to suffer and die just like us! Going vegan is probably the single most important thing I have ever done in my life. It has opened up my heart, and I don’t believe anything else could have opened up my heart in the same way. I will NEVER, EVER eat God’s nonhuman farm animals, nor will I support ANYTHING that would exploit these beautiful beings that are creatures of God just like us! Being on this farm tour was “Heaven on earth” for me, and I pray all will go to GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES, take a farm tour, and experience their heart opening up wider as it did for me. If people can’t make it to the farm for a tour, I hope they will visit https://goodacres.us/pages/self-guided-audio-farm-tour and take a self-guided farm tour for themselves. I think it will be a wonderful experience for them to see God’s nonhuman farm animals are, indeed, just like us! 

2. What struck me as most important on or after the farm tour was? That God’s nonhuman farm animals need a place like GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES. It’s a place where not only will these farm animals live in comfort and compassion by those who care for them like Diana Shaffner who runs the sanctuary but also will these farm animals will be able to be comforted and given compassion when they pass on from this “Heaven on earth” to be with God. What also struck me deep in my soul was when I met a baby cow named Sparky who had a yellow tag on his ear that read, “38.” I asked Diana what that was for, and she said that all farm animals on factory farms are given a number but NEVER a name. That broke my heart, as I know what my name means to me. I would NEVER want to be just a number! There was a little boy on the farm tour with me named Aiden and when Diana told me this, I looked at Aiden and said, “You see Sparky over there, Aiden? This beautiful animal was only a number but now that he has been rescued and is being cared for at this sanctuary, he now has a name, just like you and me!” I find it so appalling that we live in a world where people not only eat animals but also give them a number instead of a name. It made me think of the Bible when God’s Word said, So the man. Adam, gave names to all the livestock, the birds in the sky and all the wild animals” (Genesis 2:20). If God cared enough to ask Adam to name all the animals created by God, then that must mean that God cares about the animals created and wants us to care about them, too. 

3. What surprised me the most on or after the farm tour was? The little boy named Aiden I mentioned in the previous question was someone I met at the start of the farm tour. He seemed very shy and even closed off, and I took it that he might be scared of the farm animals he was soon to meet. I wondered why his mother brought him to GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES if she thought her little boy would be scared of them. But as Aiden and I went through the farm tour together, I noticed something remarkable: Aiden started to open up and smile. It was apparent that with each and every farm animal Aiden met and greeted, he became more animated, laughing and smiling, and apparently having a great time. This did my heart SO GOOD, because I knew Aiden was being healed inside, in his mind, body, and spirit, with each and every farm animal he met and greeted. I noticed, too, that inside of me, in my mind, body, and spirit, I was also being healed with each and every farm animal I met and greeted. It was only in reflection after the farm tour that I realized that Aiden looked just like me at that age of 6 or 7. I felt that I had met my own inner child in Aiden, and that might be why God brought me on this farm tour. I think it is! I thank God for healing me in this way and healing Aiden from that initial place of shyness and uncomfortability to that final place of love and compassion and mercy to all the farm animals he met and greeted. 

4. I would love to give back to GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES in any way I can. I was thinking I could do this to help the sanctuary? I have written a children’s book called CLARABELLE COMES CLEAN that is a story about a pig named Clarabelle who is bullied and finds a peaceful and creative way to address the bullies who are taunting her. I would love VERY MUCH to promote my children’s book through GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES if they would have me? I think the book would be a nice complement for all those who attend this farm tour to show that farm animals are indeed courageous and loving and, yes, even creative. In fact, when the farm tour was over, I had a copy of my children’s book and I gave it to that little boy, Aiden, I was telling you about. I signed the book and wrote, “Aiden: I hope you enjoy this book and the story of Clarabelle. She and all farm and nonfarm animals are very special to me, and you are very special to me, too!” 

5. I am vegan or I have thought about going vegan. Going on the farm tour has brought veganism closer to home for me in this way? I am vegan and the farm tour at GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES lit a fire under and in and through me to promote veganism to others in a peaceful and accommodating way. I am a Christian, but I am sometimes embarrassed to call myself a Christian because so many Christians I know are NOT vegan and I don’t get that. I don’t get how Christians can call themselves Christians and eat God’s nonhuman farm animals at the same time! Don’t they know that God’s nonhuman animals deserve love, compassion and mercy just as God’s humans deserve love, compassion and mercy? I don’t understand this dreadful disconnect that so many Christians have. I am reminded of Proverbs 12:10 in the Bible that says, “The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.” Don’t Christians understand that if God gave us dominion over nonhuman animals (Genesis 1:26), that ALL God’s nonhuman animals are OURS, and we have a responsibility to care for OUR nonhuman animals and have dominion over them but NEVER to dominate them? I hope to continue on this course of promoting veganism, especially to the Christian friends I have, because I want all of them to extend love, compassion and mercy to BOTH humans AND nonhuman animals. I do believe this is the “walk and talk” of being a Christian. I don’t understand how a “walk and talk” of being a Christian could be anything LESS than this?!?!

Love and blessings always for BOTH humans AND nonhuman animals,🧡💛💚💙💜

Timothy J. Verret

PS1: To find out more about “Heaven on earth” GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES and possibly make a visit yourself (I highly recommend it):


2015 Graefenburg Rd. (please note this street is also known as Hwy 151)
Lawrenceburg, KY 40342

Website: https://goodacres.us

Email: farmoffice@goodacres.us

PS2: If you would like to order a copy of CLARABELLE COMES CLEAN by Timothy J. Verret, please visit https://www.amazon.com/Clarabelle-Comes-Clean-Timothy-Verret/dp/1946044458 and order your copy TODAY! If you would like a signed copy for you or a young one like Aiden, please get in touch with me at https://timothyjverret.blog/contact/ and I will do my best to get a signed copy to you TODAY!🐷

2 thoughts on ““FARM FORM”

  1. Your words, your commitment to the cause of God’s true children always moves me. You are blessed, my friend. God bless you always.

    Also, I will definitely think about buying your book from Amazon.


  2. Thanks, PJ, for YOUR words that are a true blessing to me. I would love to buy CLARABELLE COMES CLEAN for you, sign it, and send it your way if okay with you? The book is BOTH (as all things are): BOTH a children’s book AND an adult’s book; BOTH a fun message AND a serious message 🙂

    Love and blessings, “huckleberry friend,,”
    Timothy (Mr. T)


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