(drawing by Timothy J. Verret)
(the real Lucky [right] and Bridgette [left) on GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky [yeah, I know my drawing looks NOTHING like Lucky and Bridgette šŸ˜‰])

I have had the sincere pleasure of meeting “God’s Cows,” Lucky and Bridgette, while visiting Diana Shaffner’s GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Their “God” story is one of great faith and great “luck,” that is if you believe in “luck.” I tend to believe more in “divine intervention,” which is exactly why I have the sincere pleasure of writing about this “God” story. After you read this post, I invite you to visit to read and hear (there’s an audio by Diana) more about this sacred story.

Lucky and Bridgette, a son and his mother. Well, not exactly, at least not a biologically-related son and his mother. Still, and maybe even more so, Lucky and Bridgette are a son and his mother who have bonded beyond biology and a mother protecting her child at all costs. That bond and protection is no different for this mother and son cow than it would be for a mother and son human.

Let’s start at the very beginning of this “God” story: A woman by the name of Jennifer had a family farm in southern Indiana. She had a male calf she named Lucky whose mother died and Lucky needed a lactating mother. Jennifer went in search for one and found one in Bridgette. Bridgette had just given birth to her baby calves and had them taken away from her for human milk production and consumption. As is the unfortunate “norm” when a mother cow has her baby calves stolen from her, Bridgette cried and screamed for 3 days straight, refusing to eat, and was considered at that point in “bad shape” and was going to be slaughtered the same day Jennifer met Bridgette. Jennifer, heart in her throat, adopted Bridgette. Jennifer unfortunately had to sell her farm, and she desperately wanted to keep Bridgette and Lucky together, for they had bonded so inseparably. Jennifer knew it was gonna take a “divine intervention” to keep Lucky and Bridgette together, and that is exactly what happened!

Diana had gone to Panera Bread one day, as these excursions away from the sanctuary were perfect places and times for Diana to put the sanctuary concerns aside and have her some much-needed “her time.” Talking about cows that day was the furthest thing from Diana’s mind. As she was standing in line at Panera Bread, a voice came to her that told her, “Look at craigslist, farm and garden, now.” Diana heard it but wanted no part of hearing it. Remember, getting away from the sanctuary was Diana’s mission that day. She dismissed the voice but it returned even stronger and gave her a one-word command: “NOW!!!!” Diana went to craigslist, farm and garden, and came across an ad that Jennifer had placed about Lucky and Bridgette. Diana called the number and told Jennifer what she had experienced with that urging and persistent voice at Panera Bread. There was a pause at the other end of the phone, as Jennifer was fighting back the tears. She told Diana that she had prayed 2 days and 2 nights straight for help with rehoming Lucky and Bridgette. Diana was in complete shock and told Jennifer that Lucky and Bridgette had a lifetime placement and a lifetime of living together at GOOD ACRES SANCTUARIES. And like none of this was enough of a “divine intervention,” this all happened 2 days before Christmas. Thank you Jesus! With Jennifer praying for 2 days and 2 nights straight and all of this happening 2 days before Christmas, there must be something magical about that 2. There is: Diana and Jennifer (2) šŸ‘§šŸ‘§ plus Lucky and Bridgette (2).šŸ„šŸ„ And 2+2=4 and 4 is my spiritual number, so there you have it! šŸ˜

Some can say that God does not participate in “divine intervention” where nonhuman animals are concerned, but this story about “God’s Cows,” Lucky and Bridgette, shows exactly how God does very much desire to participate in “divine intervention” where nonhuman animals are concerned. Why wouldn’t God want a “divine intervention” for BOTH humans AND nonhuman animals? God made them BOTH, so God must desire to intervene where BOTH are concerned, right? Yes! God will move mountains for you, and God will move mountains for nonhuman animals (BOTH). He moved Jennifer, Diana, Bridgette, and Lucky and brought hope and healing, all because 2 people cared about 2 of “God’s Cows,” and that does my 4-heart very good!šŸ’—

If there is anything I truly want you to take away from this “God” story, it is the line I mentioned above that I have rewritten for all mother cows, not just Bridgette, and written especially for you:

When a mother cow gives birth, her baby calves are stolen from her for human milk production and consumption, and the mother cow will cry and scream for 3 days straight, refusing to eat, ending up in “bad shape.”

How can any of us think a mother cow would grieve any differently than this? How would a human mother feel if her babies were stolen from her for animal milk production and consumption? Wouldn’t a human mother cry and scream for 3 days straight, refusing to eat, ending up in “bad shape?” And please know that on a commercial dairy farm, this stealing of a mother cow’s baby calves and the mother cow in great grief happens to mother cows over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, all in the name of human milk production and consumption. Just knowing this, I’m greatly grieving right now over this fact, crying and screaming probably for longer than 3 days straight (it’s been many years already), refusing to eat, ending up in “bad shape.”

PLEASE GO VEGAN! I know I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. I know I can’t make you hear that mother cow’s cries and screams for 3 days straight unless you want to hear them. I know I can’t get you to refuse to eat or end up in “bad shape” over any of this. All I know is I can only speak from my compassionate heart for BOTH humans AND nonhuman animals and hope it reaches your compassionate heart for BOTH, as well. That said, I do know my God, and I know my God would never in a million years approve of this kind of cruelty toward the very nonhuman animals God created. What about your God?

They can say, “milk does the body good,” but I know it does the spirit NO GOOD AT ALL. “Comfort flesh food” (meat and dairy) must be replaced with “compassionate spirit cooking” (vegan) []. We are living as spirit (egoless) and NOT flesh (ego), right? I know I am desperately moving forward in this direction (working on my patience in getting there) and, yes, for this “God” story and for this direction, how “Lucky” can I get? šŸ˜‰

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