“Father God, we know we have not ‘Come Home!’ yet, hence our loneliness. We know we will ‘Come Home!’ soon. Until then, Father God, help us seek Your Home first with Your Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ. We will ‘Come Home!’ every time we love and not hate on ourselves. You ARE Love, Father God; the rest is how less lonely and glad that makes us feel. And let us never put restrictions on Your Love that eases our loneliness and makes us glad, ’cause Your Love is for BOTH humans AND nonhuman animals! No living, breathing being You Created, Father God, is excluded from Your Less Lonely and Glad Love. I pray all of this in the Wonderful and Precious and ‘Come Home!’ Name of Jesus Christ, and this prayer is answered by my faith and my belief. Please help me, Father God, where my faith and my belief are lacking. Amen.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in when my cat, Conrad, went missing last night and me trying to fall asleep, whispering, in prayer ‘Come home, Conrad!’)

You’re lonely ’cause you haven’t come home yet.

Your home is not down here; it’s Up Above.

God will bring His Kingdom Home for your fret.

Until then, come home here with God’s True Love.

I come home every time I love myself.

I leave home every time I hate on me.

“Home is where the heart is?” Indeed! Himself

is my Home. “Come Home, Timothy. Don’t flee!”

“You’re a foreigner down here, not ‘Come Home,'”

says Jesus. “Come Home to Me and My Dad.

We will know you’ve Come Home when you don’t roam.

Seek Our Home first; the rest will be your ‘glad.'”

What happens when they all leave us? Syndrome!

A simple cure is to Love God. “Come Home!”

picture at: http://www.dumpaday.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/our-pets-wait-for-us-to-come-home-quotes.jpg

9 thoughts on ““COME HOME!”

      1. Oh, I am so relieved and happy because I lost one of my cockatoo parrots today. I never any of God’s creatures to suffer and so I am blessing Conrad and you. Always look after him and don’t let him out of your sight. I was feeling tensed despite the distance because as a father of my own cat, I know how inseparable the bonds are. Bless you both.

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    1. YES, PJ! The bonds we share with God’s nonhuman animals is strong, despite many of faith who believe this is not true. We can only know this is true because the love we SHARE with nonhuman animals is THERE! Many want to limit God’s Love, so as to believe God can ONLY love humans but NOT God’s nonhuman animals. When this is believed, we are limiting God’s Love, and God’s Love has ZERO LIMITS!!!! God is able to love BOTH humans AND nonhuman animals and anytime we show up in love for BOTH, we are giving God the Glory for being able to Love with ZERO LIMITS!!!! Bless you and all the nonhuman animals you have loved and continue to love.

      Love and blessings and peace in your time of grief of losing your beloved cockatoo parrot (you will see each other again, no doubt whatsoever about that one!),

      Timothy (“Mr. T”)


      1. I believe I said this before, PJ, that I sat in a church and heard a pastor say we wouldn’t see our pets in Heaven (Paradise). I wanted to punch the pastor’s lights out and shout out, “Where does it say THAT in the Bible?” God already told me I would see my beloved pets and ALL nonhuman animals in Heaven (Paradise), and I listen to God, NOT some misinformed and anthropocentric pastor!!!!

        I posted this recently that I would like to share with you:

        “And out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof” (Genesis 2:19). It stands to reason not much that if God had Adam name every nonhuman animal, then God must care about them much and is asking us to care about them much, as well.

        Love and blessings,
        Timothy (“Mr. T”)


  1. Ain’t it though, Dag? And ain’t it the epic line for the shambles that is our “home” down here? 😦


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