“Father God, help us all to choose repent over resent. We know we can only be free from our ‘invisible prisons’ by choosing repent over resent. You are in Control, You are our Guard, and we can only be released from these prisons when we turn from our ‘severe’ and embrace You at repent through Your Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ. And if there are any living, breathing beings who deserve to be released from prisons, it is Your innocent nonhuman animals, Father God. We, as humans, need to choose repent over resent for putting these innocent, ‘least of these’ behind bars in zoos, circuses, amusement parks, all places were we use and abuse nonhuman animals for humans’ entertainment. Please, Father God, allow us all to ‘to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound (Isaiah 61:1). It all starts with us when we choose repent over resent, allowing You to release BOTH humans AND nonhuman animals from our physical and ‘invisible’ prisons (BOTH!). I pray all of this in the Wonderful and Precious and Prison-Freeing Name of Jesus Christ, and this prayer is answered by my faith and my belief. Please help me, Father God, where my faith and my belief are lacking. Amen.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in choosing repent over resent to be freed from my ‘invisible prison’ this daily leavened [Jesus Frees!] bread.”)

You got resent down pat. What of repent?

Are you willing to turn from what’s your fear?

Resent makes you feel in control when bent.

Repent puts God in Control when you sneer.

Resent comes easy to me. Repent? Hard.

Why? ‘Cause I like to be one in control.

I control resent. Repent, God is Guard.

I’m released when forgive is my parole.

“REPENT, for God’s Kingdom is drawing near!”

shouts Jesus. “Quietly, resent no one.

About face, turn from what is your ‘severe.’

REPENT in hushed tones, for God is not done.”

“Not done” says we have much left to relent.

“All done” asks, “Will we resent or repent?”

picture at: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/65/f4/4d/65f44d9fb31779d54897c757e8f6c906.jpg

2 thoughts on ““WILL WE RESENT OR REPENT?”

  1. That would be my vote, Dag. Human nature is to resent. Spiritual nature is to repent. We are human beings having a spiritual experience 🤔


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