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“Where Is It Written?” – 4:52

“Papa, Can You Hear Me?” – 3:29

“This Is One of Those Moments” – 4:07

“No Wonder” – 2:30

“The Way He Makes Me Feel” – 3:44

“Tomorrow Night” – 4:43

“Will Someone Ever Look at Me That Way?” – 3:03

“No Matter What Happens” – 4:03

“A Piece of Sky” – 4:19

It is often very difficult for me to believe that on November 13 (my birthday) of 2006, I was in San Jose, California, in the audience of the HP Pavilion, watching in concert “The Greatest Star,” Barbra Streisand. All I can seem to recall can best be captured in the Streisand song, “This Is One of Those Moments,” from Barbra’s film, YENTL (1983), particularly in these lyrics of the song:

There are moments you remember all your life.
There are moments you wait for and dream of all your life.
This is one of those moments.

And on that particular note (pun intended), I would like to write about this concert, what was truly “the greatest moment” in my life, by using song titles from YENTL. I want to go back and recall what I might have forgotten in my mind but never in my heart and never from the song titles in YENTL:

I can hardly imagine what the night before the November 13, 2006 Barbra Streisand concert must have been like for me. Did I even sleep that night? I’m sure I didn’t and I sure all that was playing through my head and heart that night was “Tomorrow Night.” I survived that night but could hardly wait until tomorrow night, when I would see “The Greatest Star” ever to walk on (and sing on) the entire planet!

I was standing in line to go into the HP Pavilion. There was a lady standing next to me and I struck up a conversation with and told her: “Today is my birthday.” The lady nudged her friend and said, “It’s his birthday today!” That was the first real “this is one of those moments” for that real blessed night. Okay, I got that song title out of the way for good, I think.😉

After going inside the HP Pavilion, I was in the lobby and it struck me that Barbra Streisand and I were in this same building together! I could not contain my excitement mixed with total disbelief, and I had to let someone know what I was feeling. I called my friend, Alex, and got his voice mail and left him a message signaling all of this. It was only some time later that Alex told me he would listen to my voice message from time to time, because he had never heard me sound so happy in all my life! “No wonder” to me. Then, I called my mom to tell her where I was and what I was feeling. My mom has always known how much I love Barbra Streisand, so all she could do was welcome my “no wonder.” Yes, my mom knew I like “the way Barbra makes me feel.”

I took my seat WAY UP there. My ticket cost was in the $300’s, and I couldn’t afford those thousand-dollar tickets below. I didn’t care all that much, because “Barbra, can you hear me?” was simply that I could hear Barbra and with an angelic voice like hers, WAY UP in the Heavens was exactly where I needed to be.

I held the “Where Is It Written?” list of songs Barbra was to sing that night. When she appeared to a thunderous applause and she sang her first song, “Ma première chanson,” I started to cry a lot. This was the first song Barbra ever composed for one of my favorite albums of hers, Je M’Appelle Barbra (1966, the year I was born). It hit me like a brick that the woman down there and the man WAY UP here were having our first moment together EVER! “No matter what happens,” “the greatest moment” can never be taken away from me.

The entire night of this concert was Heaven on earth. It was experiencing a night with “The Greatest Star,” and this experience was not so much that Barbra is “The Greatest Star” as it is that “The Greatest Star” gave me the greatest gift: This woman helped me to believe that I could be “great” myself someday. Barbra is “great” because she is exactly who God made her to be, and she opened the door for me to be exactly who God made me to be. “Will someone ever look at me that way?” YES! God looks at me that way….and so does Barbra!

Suffice enough to say the night of this Barbra concert on November 13, 2006, gave me a “piece of sky.” The “piece of sky” was the peace I experienced being held that night in the arms of Barbra….and God…. through love and lyrics. This peace is the sky that one day, all will WATCH ME FLY!!!! So, don’t think for a second I’m not going to end this blog post without ending with the final lyrics of this final song in YENTL (“Papa” IS God):

Papa, I can hear You!
Papa, I can see You!
Papa, I can feel You!

Papa, WATCH ME FLY!!!!

“A Piece of Sky”


  1. You are one lucky man to have heard THE VOICE from such close quarters. The YENTL soundtrack brought me the gift of Ms. Streisand, her voice so crystal clear and her emotional enunciation always so perfect that I share your enthusiasm and love for this great songbird and living legend of our times.

    Bless you P for sharing this post. PAPA, CAN YOU HEAR ME and A PIECE OF SKY are truly among my all-time favourites too so it feels reassuring to be united in our mutual love and appreciation for the ‘sound of her music’


  2. Thanks, PJ. Yet another thing we have in common. I tell you, I think we must be hauntingly spiritually connected in our souls and/or have known each other in some other time and space and place. Love and blessings, Timothy (“Mr. T”)


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