There’s no need to slaughter a lamb; The Lamb of God has already been slaughtered. These are desperate times we are living in where we need to be no slaughtering, just saving. Hasn’t there been enough slaughtering already? Ten billion farm animals slaughtered on factory farms every year in the United States alone is not enough slaughtering? How much slaughtering do we actually need when the Slaughter of Jesus Christ is the only slaughter necessary? I don’t exactly know where I’m going with this, but you can be sure I am going to go with this and seek to “save” by holding nothing back!

I don’t like the word, “slaughter.” It brings up for me such horror. As a nonhuman animal welfare advocate for God, I see nonhuman animals undergoing “slaughter horror” all the time on factory farms, in research labs, dogs being chained 24/7, dogfighting rings, circuses, rodeos….do I need to go any further with this? And much as I don’t like to think about nonhuman animals being slaughtered, I don’t like to think about an innocent Jesus Christ who was slaughtered as a guilty one, for, like nonhuman animals, Jesus did nothing wrong to deserve being slaughtered. And, yet, they slaughtered Him anyway, just like they slaughter nonhuman animals anyway. Given my sensitive heart and spirit, I probably wouldn’t be able to handle much of any of this if it were not for: Forgive them, Father, for they do not know what they are doing” [Luke 23:34]). Help me, Father, to forgive those who slaughtered Jesus and those who slaughter nonhuman animals, for they know not what they did or what they are doing. What they did, they did, but what they are doing is they are taking God’s nonhuman animals (“And God saw that it was good” [Genesis 1:25]) and slaughtering them for food, for greed, for profit, for domination, and for any other vain reason out there. As far as food goes, Genesis 1:29 says, “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” Some will say after Noah’s Ark, God gave us permission to eat animals for food. True, but let’s put this into context: After God had destroyed everyone but Noah and his peeps and God’s animals, maybe God knew that he had to give people a break for the evil they were at that time God decided to “reinvent the wheel,” as far as humans and humanity. Maybe God didn’t want to put that much on their plate (pun intended). And we want a Paradise on earth, right? If so, we need to go back to where Paradise began, and it began at Genesis 1:29, where plants were to be our “meat” and NOT “meat” from nonhuman animals. No slaughtering, just saving.

Jesus saves (Acts 4:12), so shouldn’t we be about no slaughtering, just saving? Many will often use “Jesus saves” as a saving for ONLY humans. Should we limit Jesus Christ in this way, so that Jesus ONLY saves humans and NOT nonhuman animals? Isn’t Jesus Powerful enough to save us all, BOTH humans AND nonhuman animals? Even if we say Jesus cannot save in this way, is slaughtering nonhuman animals gonna bring us any closer to the fact that Jesus does save? If Jesus saves you (human), why can’t Jesus save them (nonhuman animals)? If Jesus was slaughtered for you (and He was), how is slaughtering them gonna bring you any closer to Him? To God? Any living being slaughtered now is to denounce that Jesus was slaughtered first. The Lamb of God who was slaughtered wasn’t just slaughtered because there was nothing better for Jesus (or God) to do. “God SO loved the world that He sent his Only Son to give us eternal life (SAVED!)” [John 3:16]) If we slaughter any living being, how can show our appreciation and devotion to God who SO loved the world of BOTH humans AND nonhuman animals?

“Oh, but humans can be saved, nonhuman animals CAN’T BE SAVED!” Really? “Let every living, breathing creature praise God! Hallelujah!” (Psalm 150:6). I hear in this verse ALL living, breathing creatures are worthy to praise God. I don’t hear anything in this verse about to be slaughtering in order to be saving. If any living, breathing creature can praise God, any dying, dead creature CANNOT praise God. Millions of God’s nonhuman farm animals slaughtered every year for food are not given the opportunity to praise God. They are dying, dead because we don’t count them worthy to praise God. Don’t know about you, but I want to give these ten million nonhuman farm animals who are slaughtered for food an opportunity to praise God. I feel I have no right to decline them that privilege. The free will afforded to us should not be to take away nonhuman animals’ free will to want to live and praise God.

“You’re insane, Timothy, to think like this!” No problem. I’ve been called worse. And if my saying I’m for no slaughtering, just saving, makes me insane, then thank God I’m insane! It’s just that the word, “free,” means a whole lot to me, because I know what it’s like NOT to be free. I know what it feels like to be in a cage, BOTH of my own making AND the making of others. So, yes, insane if I’m saying no human or nonhuman animal should ever have to know what it feels like to be in a cage and not to be free. If I say I want humans to be in a cage and not to be free, that would make me insane. If I say I want nonhuman animals to be in a cage and not to be free, that would make me insane. But if I say I want NO human OR nonhuman animal to be in a cage and not to be free, that would make me….well, not in a cage and FREE!

So, “yes” to no slaughtering, just saving!

Love and blessings and FREE!

Timothy J. Verret


  1. I absolutely concur with you. This read to me like a Church sermon without the posturing or pandering. Facts of Life and Humanity were delivered by you akin to simple homilies. Bless your heart and soul, Mr. T.


  2. Thank you, PC, for your kindness. I really got a nudge BIG TIME from God on this post. God wants me to spread it far and wide with its message. I hope to work on it further and bring it to the Light. If you have any advice or feedback specific to it, I would appreciate your expertise in the matter. Thanks again for your lovely comment and bless your heart and soul, too! Blessings, Timothy (“Mr. T”)


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