The Truth About Leaving A Fishing Lure In A Fish's Mouth (STUDY)
A catfish with cat-like whiskers has up to more than 175,000 taste sensitive cells (as compared to an average person with only 10,000 taste buds) located in its entire body. So, does a hook in the mouth of a catfish hurt? YES!!!! Sense AND spirit (BOTH!) that.

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in going from senses to spiritual today, sun- and moonstruck, struck by God’s Love this daily leavened [Jesus Rises!] bread.”)

You rely on your senses for your days.

For your nights, you’re spiritually sleeping.

Your days will have to be spiritual ways,

your nights for when your senses are weeping.

My days are imagination, body.

My nights are spiritual and, “Now, I rest.”

Can I rest in days of disembody

when I’m senseless, spiritual more, not stressed?

“You are not your senses running amuck,”

says Jesus. “You are spiritual down here.”

Both our days and nights are sun- and moonstruck.

We’re struck by how much God Loves us endear.

Don’t be taken in by hysterical.

Take God’s Love from senses to spiritual.

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