Caithness Livestock Centre prepares for breeding sheep sale on Monday
It breaks my heart to see God’s Sheep sold at a greed and pride auction of men scoffing at the notion of love and compassion and mercy for all God’s Sheep. I bid for abide in Shepherd Jesus to help me care for and save every one of His Sheep.

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in The Bid for Abide in my Only Mystified Love for Shepherd Jesus Christ.”)

Your bid is for an abide in yourself.

The auction is for you to buy more time.

You or time are not yours to bid itself.

Abide is God’s Call to bid you sublime.

“If he would abide in me, bid no more.”

How many times have I bid this, lovers!

It took many auctions to bid this “swore.”

Abide in Jesus under my covers.

“If you Abide in Me, bid not for not,”

says Jesus. “The buy and sell I offer.”

The Deal is Sealed for God sent all His Lot.

Bid’s plot? Abide in Jesus, “bought” scoffer!

There’s Only One Love we bid mystified.

Jesus Christ, the Only Bid for Abide.

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