Forgive me for no animal welfare picture for this God Sonnet. God just had to bring me this song this morning from my favorite singer. Enjoy that voice and most importantly enjoy the song’s deepest message for lessons to be learned: “Learning to love yourself through it all.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in learning each lesson God wants me to learn, always keeping in mind The Greatest Lesson is LOVE!”)

You have lessons to learn while you are here.

Once they’re learned, you learn to love you again.

These lessons are NOT optional nor fear.

They’re trusting God to teach you, “count to ten.”

The lessons I learn, not always liking.

They often come at a very high price.

No price is higher than Jesus is King.

No lesson learned than God is Paradise.

“The Greatest Lesson you’ll learn is My Love,”

says Jesus. “Through each lesson, God is Grace.”

We can teach ourselves love ain’t but a dove.

Dove God, Feathers and Flight, Wings of Embrace.

In this life, we’ll get our hearts spurned and burned.

We got Jesus for lessons to be learned.

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