MAN’S BEST FRIEND: “Instruct us, Jesus. Your Hand on our heads is our healing when we get to kneeling.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in taking out my Bible this daily leavened bread as a pupil of Jesus and NOT take out the world’s book to be the world’s pupil.”)

You need a teacher who will instruct just,

a professor of power for truth stuff.

The truth lesson is this: Learn love, not lust.

Learn lust not what you want, learn love enough.

I need one who will teach me to love me.

“Am I that bad?” No, just hurt, just healing.

The teacher tells me: “Today’s lesson! FREE!”

The school bell rings and I get to kneeling.

“I will instruct us the way to learn Me,”

says Jesus. “Take out your Bibles, pupils.

We’re gonna learn about a Love Lordly.

When ‘it’s finished,’ no longer world’s scruples.”

The world is the wrong book. It’s fuss and cuss.

The Bible is how Jesus instructs us.

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