Green-Eyed: The Benefits of Envy | Dalmatian dogs, Black and white dog,  White dogs
BLACK AND WHITE DOG: “Why does that dog in the middle look so different than us?” DOG IN THE MIDDLE: “I don’t see the world as black or white as you dogs do. I see BOTH!”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in closing the evil eye of envy forever more [or at least this day, my daily leavened bread].”)

You’re stye of the evil eye of envy.

You ask, “Why’d they get what I deserved most?”

Your God doesn’t see it that way. Then He

graced you free, others He graced without boast.

My evil eye of envy is “unfair.”

I worked long hours and they worked but a few?

God said, “Stop that! Drop that! I know that glare.

Your hours I clocked in for your Heaven’s Due.”

“You’ve borne the burden and heat of the day,”

says Jesus. “You’ve received for My Acclaim.

Go now, fine servant. Let this matter lay.

My Father rewards equally, the same.”

There’s not much time left for us for “when free.”

When we whine, the evil eye of envy.

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