Nowhere is there more originality than where God’s nonhuman animals are concerned: Two legs, four legs, beaks, tails, paws, fins, scales, feathers, colors of every kind imaginable. And, yet, God’s nonhuman animals have eyes, ears, mouths, hearts, and souls just like humans! Yes! Them! You! Originality!

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in Me! Originality! Jesus’ Thoughts, my ‘taughts.'”)

You’re an original, no doubt, a gem.

You’re a special soul with a special dream.

Pursue this with fervor, run it with Him,

commit it to Original God….GLEAM!

I’m an original me, though I doubt

if I’m original enough. Plain louse?

God says, “Wonderfully made.” I say, “I’m grout.”

I’m original mortar for God’s House.

“I speak not my own original thoughts,”

says Jesus. “But I’m still Me, Jesus Christ!

You be you, but still Me; My thoughts, your ‘taughts.’

Original one, for you, unique sacrifice.”

There is no such thing as normality.

All there is? You! Originality!

4 thoughts on “ORIGINALITY!

    1. I can’t imagine originality as frightening….it’s what I most want out of all things! Thanks for giving me a different perspective on originality, Dag!


  1. I’ve tired to subscribe to your blog, Timothy, and keep being told I need to enter a valid email address (which I did). Then, it will tell me I am following, but when I close your blog and come back to it, I have to sign up to follow again. Want to make sure you have me signed up to follow? Thanks a bunch! šŸ™‚


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