God’s Animals: Their pain in my love, my love in their pain.

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope in :”)

In the daytime, you are: “When’s my next meal?”

In the nighttime, you are: “Why did I starve?”

When the sun is out: It’s you skinned and peel.

When the moon is up: It’s you they did carve.

When the sun rises: I’m, “What you got, God?”

When the night is as dark as shame: I’m pain.

Would I trade this in for a softer plod?

Probably not: I find God’s Grace in strain.

“When you suffer for my sake: You’re EXACT,”

says Jesus. “But don’t suffer: To suffer.”

Suffer not sun and moon: Me, days intact.

Suffer not day and night: Me, moon’s supper.

Our pain in His Love: It’s our days of vain.

We humble God’s Night: His Love in our pain.

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  1. “Can I be in pain and not suffer?” If you’re talking about physical pain, I think there can be pain without suffering because you tell yourself the physical pain will not be longstanding and there is treatment out there to help. Now, if you’re talking about emotional and/or spiritual pain, it’s usually the opposite, i.e., you have to go through the suffering (the “growing spiritual” pain) to have an emotional and spiritual awakening. However, this, too, might not be longstanding, though I think it’s a longer drawn-out process than physical pain. Just my two-cents’ worth, Dag 😉


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