I don’t “walk a fine line” when it comes to nonhuman animals used and abused for humans’ “entertainment,” like this precious goat with a monkey on his or her back. There is NO fine line to walk when it comes to God’s Nonhuman Animals being used and abused for our “entertainment.” And I “rest” on that one!

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in walking, resting, walking, resting, walking, resting, walking a fine line for the Divinity of God.”)

You walk a fine line between love and hate.

You walk a fine line between glad and shame.

A fine line “ain’t fine” when it’s your “frustrate.”

One slip and it’s the pit, one fall and lame.

I walk a fine line with no in between.

I walk ALL love and hate and glad and shame

ALL in one moment, one life of obscene.

Can’t I live just one emotion to name?

“Be still and walk a fine line of God’s Ways,”

says Jesus. “One step, then the next, then rest.”

We are best served when we serve God’s Delays.

God says, “Be still, child. You’re doing your best.”

Walking “go” and walking God is Divine.

Walk, rest, walk, rest, walk, rest, walk a fine line.

picture at: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/49/7d/5d/497d5dfc914907df7c76b53617303dbd.jpg

2 thoughts on “WALK A FINE LINE

  1. I know, Dag. How anyone in their right mind could find it entertaining to watch a goat “walk a fine line” (with a monkey on his or her back, no doubt) is beyond me. A human “walking a fine line” is a whole other story, and more appropriate, as we ALL “walk this fine line” whether for entertainment purposes or not! ;)”


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