(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in accepting my “lot from God” today, this daily leavened bread.”)

The hours you waste not accepting your lot.

The resentments you pile high when you’re “NO!”

The hours you could have if you were “forgot.”

Forget that they wrong you. Forgive! Let go!

If I’m not accepting them, it’s the speck

in their eyes and the plank in my lone eye.

Ophthalmologist says, “Your eye’s a wreck!

You’ll lose it if you keep up this deny.”

“I want for you a future and a hope,

never to harm you. Accept all I say.

I’m your God and use an Eye-to-Eye Scope;

speck- or plank-sighted, I see what’s The Way.”

How ‘oft I write to want nothing “expect.”

Write eye-to-eye, pen-to-paper….ACCEPT!!!!

2 thoughts on “ACCEPT!!!!

  1. It is often hard to know what to accept, Dag, so I feel ya’! Do we accept ourselves just as we are and change nothing? Do we accept our circumstances just as they are and changing nothing about them? Do we accept others just as they are and seek not to change anything about them? What a conundrum! Sure would like to discuss all of this further with you if you have time? Blessings, Timothy


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