How can I Love anyone like This man who nailed That animal to That Cross? I long to try to Love This man through Jesus Christ only belonging on That Cross.***

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in ‘forgive them, Father, for they know what That is they are doing with That Cross.'”)

You never knew Love, so how could you sin?

You had to be right before you were wrong.

In your past, God’s Love for you knew not “when?”

In your present, God’s Love “when” you belong.

I had no sin when Love was not my dwell.

I longed to belong in the deserving.

God flamed me white when I was in “red hell,”

now know sin because Jesus I’m serving.

“I took your sins away Up on That Cross,”

says Jesus. “It’s Love That I take them still.”

God’s Love now, so we nail our wrongs across

and vertical to That Cross, That Nail Drill!

Our lives without God’s Love is at a loss.

We win God’s Love when nailed sins on That Cross.

PLEASE NOTE: When I posted this blog at my Facebook page, someone got very upset with me for posting the above picture. I told this person that I simply could not apologize for my spiritual and artistic vision that moves me by the Holy Spirit to bridge God and Jesus Christ with animal welfare advocacy. Nonetheless, I edited the FB post so that the picture is not visible for I wish not to upset anyone with what this vision has me create. I also wrote to the person I upset: “The Holy Spirit convicted me on this posting, which is why I deleted the picture on the post and wrote a disclaimer to it. I accept the discomfort the picture brought up for you and edited the post accordingly. Thanks for your input and honesty. I really appreciate that!”

***picture at

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