(a painting with commentary by Timothy J. Verret)

Imagine you are There:

You stand (or kneel) before 3 crosses: 2 red and 1 purple. If you could only “hang with” 1, which 1 would you choose? You might want to choose either of the 2 red crosses because the 1 purple cross looks occupied, right? It was once occupied by a Man named Jesus Christ with a Crown of Thorns wearing a Purposed Purple Robe, thus making this 1 purple cross actually 1 Purple Cross, but that Man is gone now. He Died, was Buried, and then was Resurrected. How many men do you know “hanging with” any cross who can make that claim? There really is something special about that 1 Purple Cross. Anyone who will “hang with” it is found NOT GUILTY. That’s right! No matter what you have done or said or felt that had dreadful consequences, you are NOT GUILTY if you “hang with” the 1 Purple Cross. That cannot be said about the 2 red crosses, as they (and they who “hang with”) are found GUILTY. Two men are still “hanging with” those 2 red crosses, though not visible on the painting, and it seems these 2 red crosses are always occupied. Each man found GUILTY will “hang with” 1 of 2 red crosses, maybe even both depending on the size of the tragedy. But for the man who wishes to be found NOT GUILTY, the 1 Purple Cross is your best bet. How does this work, you may be asking?

The 1 Purple Cross is 2-beamed, like are all crosses, but these 2 beams are very special and very supernatural. You can “hang with” 1 vertical beam of this 1 Purple Cross as GUILTY but because of the 1 horizontal beam, the GUILTY charge transects the NOT GUILTY charge, thus allows for a complete transfiguration. Why? “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1). No condemnation and no GUILTY charge. To “hang with” the 2 red crosses, although 2-beamed like the 1 Purple Cross, only works 1 way: You are found GUILTY and you stay GUILTY. It’s like 1 of the beams doesn’t even exist. But check out the wonderment of the 1 Purple Cross: Even if you “hang with” either of the 2 red crosses, the 1 horizontal beam of the 1 Purple Cross will “slice and dice” and free you from your GUILTY charge. So even “hanging with” the 2 red crosses, you are still allowed a complete transfiguration. That is the Power of the 1 Purple Cross and Its 1 horizontal beam. It cuts through time and space to grant you a NOT GUILTY charge. And all because of the 1 Purple Cross where a Man named Jesus Christ once “hung with” It with a Crown of Thorns and wearing a Purposed Purple Robe.

“But if I ‘hang with’ the 2 red crosses, do I have to be on either side of the 1 Purple Cross as in your painting?” Not necessarily, for the 1 Purple Cross can move around. It can be right next to you as in the painting, but it can also come out of the ground and travel and meet you in far and distant places. It can go into prisons, hospitals, bars, and other places whenever and wherever It is needed. It can even go into houses where it walks around, going through living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, attics, and basements. Every nook and cranny of every place to reach every nook and cranny of everyone’s despair. It even doesn’t mind being outside. The 1 Purple Cross is used to the harsh elements and even through a hurricane or a tornado or an earthquake (It’s been through all 3!), the 1 Purple Cross never loses Its Purple and never loses Its Power.

You can now go from There to here. You can always go back There whenever you need to. And I hope you will go there soon and often. But even if you are a million miles away from There, the 1 Purple Cross can find you here.

Timothy J. Verret

PS: Kind of ironic about the 2 red crosses, as it brings up the humanitarian organization, The Red Cross, that provides emergency assistance to those in need. It actually turns out to be quite appropriate, as those “hanging with” the 2 red crosses will often need emergency assistance that comes from the 1 Purple Cross.

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