As an animal welfare advocate, I don’t like that I hate fleas, but anything (or anyone) that sucks the blood (life) out of my pets (and me in the form of “flea people”) is hard to love.

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in choosing love over hate, love of me and you and all, through God’s Love”)

You hating you won’t allow the love in.

You hating them won’t bring you any peace.

You loving you will forgive every sin.

You loving them as lambs of God will fleece.

Me hating me is as the spread of fleas.

Me hating them is treatment for insects

that bleed me ’til I’m nothing but, “Stop! Please?”

Me loving me and them has God Prospects.

If we are to love, it must be God’s Love.

If we are to hate, it must be Satan.

We can’t love us and them through our “kind of.”

Love is all in, The Cross that we straighten.

Join Jesus Christ on the journey of “wait.”

Challenges abound when it’s love or hate?

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