The only ones allowed to come inside of me without knocking are God’s Animals. Not to be rude but all others MUST knock.

(God’s “Recovering Codependent” Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in letting others into my life but NOT before they knock and ask to come inside of me; Jesus doesn’t have to knock but He does because He’s NOT rude.”)

They come inside of you without knocking.

It’s rude of them to invade your quiet space

without asking. They say “concern.” Shocking

for they don’t want you all up in their face.

They come inside of me without asking.

It’s uncalled for that they don’t look before

they leap onto my lily pad, basking

in their triumph of “I fixed him.” No more!

“I am knocking. Open the door and I’ll come in,”

says Jesus. “I won’t enter unannounced.”

Jesus is NOT rude as to invade when

He’s not asked. Let him in by “Christ” pronounced.

Jesus knocks. He comes in without mocking.

The others don’t come in without knocking.


  1. Yes, Dag, but so many excluding Jesus don’t even bother to knock. They just come right on in and sit down and make their opinion known without being asked. I need to catch myself when I do this and call out others when they do it. It’s common courtesy πŸ˜‰


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