(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in Swedish living for ‘ett ögonblick’ [a moment] just this daily leavened bread”)

You have lived many moments, bad and good.

You have accumulated much “had been.”

It’s just this moment that your likelihood

is grace, just a moment that you live in.

My anxiety can’t live a moment.

It needs a past and a future to lurk.

If I live just this moment, bestowment

of grace, just a moment as His artwork.

A moment to know that God is our Grace.

Just a moment to know we’re safely held.

Can we feel God’s Peace in our anyplace?

Oh, yeah! Can we feel now our angst expelled?

Anything more than a moment is bleak.

God had the Swedes call it “ett ögonblick.”

2 thoughts on ““ETT ÖGONBLICK” (A MOMENT)

  1. I think it does, Dag. But what if “a moment” is painful? I’ve certainly had those. I think the pain in a moment is more tolerable if we don’t think about the pain being present in the next moment. I’m having a painful moment right now, so what do I do? Breathe in a moment. Can I feel and hear myself breathing in a moment? Is there air in my lungs that is the life in my spirit? Then, I am in a moment and everything is okay in a moment. All is well.


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