Always come back to who y(Y)ou are

“Always come back to” the above quote by BOTH (y)ou and (Y)ou, our God of Mercy.

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in always coming back to a ‘uniquely and wonderfully made’ me, a child of God, in the Name of God’s Love”)

You need to come back to who you are, child

of God: Uniquely and wonderfully made.

Don’t leave or give up until you’re beguiled

by God who loves you immensely and weighed.

I always come back to who I am: SAVED!

I’m God’s child, brother of Jesus, mercy

to all living things. I’m equaled, engraved

“Messy Timothy.” I’m controversy?

Be radical as Jesus was the same.

Always come back to Him as Rebelled Cause.

His Cause was Love. His Rebel was proclaim

God’s Acclaim to silence world’s self-applause.

We don’t depart from God who’s our North Star.

Guide, God! Always come back to who y(Y)ou are.

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