“Be the good change you want to see in the bad world.” You changing to veganism will be the good change to give this pig and her piglets a good world.

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope with ‘Timothy, your ego is set to go!'”)

You don’t like change. Nobody really does.

Change is rising up from your comfort zone,

setting to discomfort. You who once was

safe is now disturbed. You might have to groan.

When I have to change, I am discontent.

I’m no content, no contest, surrender.

“God, rise it so I don’t set it!” It went

south, I went North. It went harsh, I, tender.

“Change yourself, lift up your cross, follow Me,”

says Jesus. “Your ego is set to go!”

Christ’s our Rising Waters when drowned at sea.

God says we won’t fall when we’re vertigo.***

The sun will rise and set; no rearrange.

We will Ho”riz”on when God sets our change.

***I used the word, “vertigo,” here because my therapist Mark, who I admire and adore, sometimes struggles with vertigo.

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