This is usually where I place an animal picture but today, as you can see from the above picture (especially the face on the right) and sonnet, “I MISS ACTING!!!!”😥

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in God being the Director of my little show called my little life.”)

You cast the actors from your casting call.

You hang the lights and set the stage. You have your show.

Is it your show? Who directs your masked ball?

You’re naked and alone when you let go.

They are not the actors I chose to cast.

I wanted kinder thespians, ones who

acted like I wanted, acted steadfast.

It’s not my show to direct. I’m debut.

We have a Director for our acclaim.

His Name is God whose Credentials are Pure.

Enter Love. Enter Jesus. Exit shame.

God’s actors take their bow with The Savior.

“I wanted my show to go my stage door.”

Enter God! It’s not our show anymore.

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