No dog or any animal is there as robots for us. Don’t make them conform to what you want them to do. They are uniquely and wonderfully made by God.

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in being UNIQUELY AND WONDERFULLY MADE BY GOD.”)

They want you to move here, stand there, sit where.

You want to move there, stand here, sit when pleased.

You are not a robot. You go when they’re

stop, love when they’re hate, heal when they’re diseased.

I am not a robot for the “normal.”

I’m too unique to answer for their plain.

God designed me as one paranormal.

I’m spirit. I’m not flesh for the mundane.

We’re not robots. We’re wonderfully made

by God to be wonderfully distinct.

They can say, “Be like us.” We say, “God prayed

me unique.” Let conforming go extinct.

When Jesus Sacrificed, they casted lots.

We cast away complying as robots.

3 thoughts on “ROBOTS

  1. PLEASE let us not dismiss animals so easily as we do, Dag. I can’t tell you what a struggle and a stress it is to go toe-to-toe (or paw-to-paw) with others who do not share your views or mine about animals AT ALL, especially Christians. SOOOO frustrating! Thanks for commenting, Dag! Blessings 😉


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