What, the dog isn’t allowed upstairs? Seriously! I don’t have a second floor to my home but if I did, I would most certainly allow my dog or any animal to be “lifted up.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in Jesus who came and still comes every day of my life and forever more to lift me up.”)

You hold onto the hurt came and still comes.

You’re still tossed and turned like unruly wind.

You need a peace that silences the drums

of this world’s “beat on you” to bitter’s end.

My lack of peace came, still comes unawares.

I’m a slave to the wax and wane of wants.

I’m freed by Spirit of Jesus. Upstairs

my spirit ascends, leaves behind world’s daunts.

“Jesus is the same then and now and still.”

It’s true that He is lifted up just ’cause

He loves us High to raise us to God’s Will.

He comes now ’cause He came then and still does.

The world wants to silence Christ to “death numbs.”

“Behind me, Satan!” He came and still comes.

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