“Uncover” that wineskins made from animals’ skins are ancient for a reason: They are no longer needed. That’s why God made bottles (and boxes, if you like your wine in large amounts). Haha!

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in the uncovering God is doing with and in me to be who God always intended me to be: Unique, precious and free.”)

You’re covered up by a list of mess ups.

You went for the flesh, and you got the sins.

“Who uncovers?” you ask. “Drinks my stained cups?”

The water is changed to wine in wineskins.***

I’m covered up by who they expected

me to be. I “lost” me, and I went “nuts.”

God uncovered me who they dissected.

I’m becoming God’s Miracle from cuts.

“You’re free. Use not your freedom to cover

up for evil. God has uncovered you.”

God’s Discovery was to uncover

us from hurts and hell, free us to love New.

God uncovers who we were meant to be:

God’s Child, like Christ, unique, precious and free.

***PLEASE NOTE the writer does NOT promote the use or creation of wineskins, which are defined as ancient containers made of animal skin, usually a goat, used to transport liquids. “Wineskins” in this sonnet was chosen solely for Biblical purposes.

2 thoughts on “GOD UNCOVERS

  1. It’s probably giving up control and letting God uncover you. It’s not about you uncovering you; it’s about God discovering you and uncovering you. I look forward to seeing what God uncovers about you, Dag! 😉


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