HUMAN: “I’m fully human.” APE: “I’m fully animal.” HUMAN AND APE: “We are BOTH fully human and fully animal.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in being fully human, as Jesus The Christ was Fully Human for you and me.”)

You’re human. You can’t be perfect. Don’t try!

What does this look like? You will mess it up.

“But that can’t happen!” you say. God says, “Why?

My scathed Son happened to give you His Cup.”

I’m human. I’m NOT perfect. Try, I do!

It looks like me getting you to love me.

Jesus gets to say, “I’m Perfect for you.

I became Fully Human for your glee.”

“He was made Fully Human like they were

to make atonement for their costly sins.”

You and me are imperfect. Jesus? Sir,

King, One, High, Sky. His “Lost” becomes our wins.

We cast out perfection, catch a “new man.”

This ’cause Jesus became Fully Human.

2 thoughts on “FULLY HUMAN

  1. I’m certainly imperfect and it is something I am trying to fix. I do it quietly with intensity. So the goal isn’t to be perfect is it?


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