I don’t have to see or doubt or guess that God has blessed His Animals. I have faith, I believe, and I breathe, but I do NOT bereave this truth.

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in Faith today, this daily leavened bread, for this is a Blessing from God”)

Without faith in something besides yourself,

what hope do you have that the light will shine?

A pit is dark for a reason. Itself,

death. With faith, the light trickles in lifeline.

I’m blessed to have faith in what I can’t see.

If I saw faith, I might push it away

for fear of it leaving me. Faith is key

for my ennui. Without faith, I’m foul play.

“Blessed are those who do NOT see but have Faith,”

says Jesus. “Please don’t doubt me! Just believe!”

Doubting Thomas saw; we are left with wraith.

“Have Faith,” says Jesus. “Breath Me! Don’t bereave!”

The world knew not Jesus: Too much guessing.

We guess not Jesus: Faith is a Blessing.

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