CHILDREN (BUNNIES): “Will you ever leave us, dad?” DAD (DOG): “Never! Father forever!”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in Father God forever, this daily bread and all daily breads to come, until I am ‘no more'”)

You want a father who won’t let you down,

a dad who picks you up, shepherd to sheep.

Your earth father just couldn’t stick around.

Your God could….did. He didn’t fall asleep.

I want a father who says, “Be well, son.

I’m here. I don’t abandon who I made.”

My earth father, bless his heart, loves from “stun.”

My God is not trauma and never strayed.

“Our Father will not leave nor forsake us.”

God will not unlove us. His Son, the Proof.

“With you until you no more,” says Jesus.

Father and Son love us. They’re not aloof.

They say, “Never say never.” How clever!

But we say, “Never! Father forever!”

2 thoughts on ““NEVER! FATHER FOREVER!”

  1. My earthly father really changed in his later years. He and I were very close and spent copious amounts of time on the phone together. But he wasn’t God and was not completely accepting. Hard for him to be that perfect.


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