You are not alone, my dear little friend. You’re just not Home yet. When you get there, I’ll be right with you, holding you tight, catching your tears, comforting your question, “Go it alone?” NEVER, my dear little friend. NEVER to roam. You are NOT alone.

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in ‘you are not alone,’ because I am not alone. ‘I am with you always, Timothy, until you are at completion.'”)

You are not alone, though it feels as such.

You walk the earth unsure of where’s your home.

You’re not Home yet. You’re journeying. This much

is true: You’ll be Home soon, never to roam.

I am not alone. I walk with a Man

who catches my tears, comforts my question:

“Go it alone?” Jesus replies, “My Plan

for you is not alone, not oppression.”

“I am with you always, until finished.”

We’re done when He says we’re at completion.

‘Til then, we’re never alone, diminished.

Dad loves Son. Son loves us. No deletion (“depletion” would work here, as well).

Oh, Lord, will you see how much we have grown?

“Yes, My child, and see! You are not alone.”

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