These are like the cutest cups! I think I’m gonna make some like these on my day off from work. “Yes, God, take ‘not my cup but Yours’ from me.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in ‘not my cup but Yours’ today when facing such difficult and turbulent hours”)

If you could just get them to do it your

way, reside in your grand hacienda.

They’re not your robots. They also keep score

of their will, having their own agenda.

When they don’t “act right,” meaning “act my way,”

I am frustration. “What is wrong with you?

You’re hurting me awful. Do what I say!”

They’re hurting, too, from their will overdo.

“Take this Cup from me, not my cup but Yours,”

said Jesus to His Father God, blood, sweat,

and tears. We bleed, sweat, and cry on all 4s,

hands, face, legs, heart, to attain God’s Mindset.

“It’s not fair!” Break open God’s Courtroom Doors!

Let God be Jury. “Not my cup but Yours.”

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