This is probably the first time that these very happy animal shelter ladies have had empty cages. I love them for that! Please adopt your best friend from an animal shelter instead of buying from a breeder. Let these workers know it’ll be your first time adopting, but it certainly won’t be your last.

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in the first-time love of God for the second time to love you”)

You would love them if you had love to give.

Even through a shining star, no glitter.

To love them will require a combative

war with your ego. Don’t be a quitter.

I need to love them through God, not through me.

I don’t have the “through” to love them freely.

God loved me first. I make me last. You see,

I love “egolessly.” I love Godly.

“We love because God loved us the first time.”

The second time is when we love through Him.

Who makes that happen? Jesus! He’s the Prime

when we can’t fire our love. He’s the Prelim!

Just one thing to plead when love on a whim:

“Help us to love them, God, as You Love them.”

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