DOG: “So, bunny, you hop, right?” BUNNY: “So, dog, you bark, right?” BOTH DOG AND BUNNY: “I am myself!”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in God letting me ‘I am myself!’ so I can let you “I am myself!’ all this blessed day long”)

“I am myself!” Yes, indeed, you are so.

Them out there, world and such, will disagree.

“Be more like us!” No, indeed not, no. NO!

Be you, only you, no one but you. BE!

“I am myself!” God made me to be “me.”

I am highs and lows, joy and pain. Between

these things, I have rest with God, no worry.

If I were to be like them, I’d be mean.

“I am myself!” comes on a dime with 9

Fruit of the Spirit. “Google” this RIGHT NOW!

“Eat your veggies.” Yes! “Eat your fruit.” Divine!

We are ourselves when we’re sweet fruit. So, plow!

Let him or her be himself or herself.

Then, he or she lets us, “I am myself!”

2 thoughts on ““I AM MYSELF!”

  1. You’ll definitely want to explore how to be yourself further, Dag. I think the answer is the 9 Fruit of the Holy Spirit. “Google” them and find out what they are and love them and live them! I’m right here with you for the spiritual journey! ☺️


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