On my “birth”day, God said, “Timothy, I want you to help My Animals. Can you do that for Me?” I replied, “ABSOLUTELY, God! It would be my pleasure! Thank you, God!” And here I am this “birth”day helping animals with no desire to ever stop helping animals (by the way, that is a vegan cupcake my little friend is eating).

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in today, my “birth”day, living to bask in the Glow of God’s Love”)

You have a birthday, but it’s not the one

you think. Sure, you had an entrance to earth

on this day, but you were born when God, Son

Jesus, made you from dust. You were Their Birth.

Today is my “enter earth” day. I’m five

4, 54, but this number is “none.”

I’m not a number but one of survive,

endured everything to be God’s Someone.

We were born when God created all this:

Heaven, earth, humans, nonhuman creatures.

Our “birth”day is God’s Birthday. Our remiss

would be to dismiss Jesus’s Features.

God said, “Today, he will come forth to stay.”

That day, “Creation Day,” is our “birth”day.

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