This dog knows he or she is deserving of the Peace of Jesus. If he or she can know this, why can’t we?

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in knowing I deserve the Peace of Jesus at Increase, not because of anything I’ve done or not done, but simply because I AM TIMOTHY J. VERRET, a child of God at decrease”)

You’re deserving peace but not of this world.

The peace you deserve comes from Heaven High.

Down here, you will have troubles, nothing furled.

Up there, you will have down here serene sigh.

“Sigh….” Am I really deserving of peace?

Have not my sins cancelled me for this calm?

“Sigh….” I remember Jesus for Increase.

He lived, died, and rose to be my blessed balm.

“My Peace, I give you, for no one else can,”

says Jesus. “My Peace will overcome trials.”

We deserve It ’cause He spoke It. The Man

who is our Road to Peace is our crawled miles.

Don’t know about you, but I need decrease.

It’s our only way to deserving Peace.

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