This dog was “before betrayed” until “after forgiveness,” he or she was rescued. Don’t betray an animal like this. Forgive his or her abuser, far as east to west, AND rescue this dog, far as east to west.

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in no betray today but if it shows up [and it probably will], forgive, far as east to west, as God taught me through His Son, Jesus Christ”)

You betray you when you give way to sin.

You betray Jesus when you’re you only.

You betray others when you hide. Begin

not betray. Start forgive. It’s less lonely.

I betray me when I count me as blame.

I betray Jesus who finished my hurts.

I betray others, thinking they’re my shame.

God has me at forgive on the outskirts.

Judas and Peter: They betrayed their friend,

Jesus, but Peter confessed, Judas not.

Judas couldn’t shake his betrayal….end.

Peter and us begin forgiveness. Blot

out our wrongdoing, God. Please cast away

our sins, far as east to west, when betray.

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