a painting (title it what you want) by Timothy J. Verret

Did you know it’s okay to scream? Don’t you know this just might be how you “break through?” The world is screaming, so why not you?

Edward Munch in his painting, “The Scream,” taps into an uncomfortable state of anger many do not want to admit lives inside of them, but denial is a dangerous thing and it’s way more dangerous than “the scream.”

Look carefully at Munch’s painting:

What do you see? Do you see you? Or do you see someone you want to scream at? What about those two figures on the bridge in the background? Where are they going? Are they you? Are you walking away from someone who just needs to scream? Or are you pretending you don’t want to scream? You would rather have the denial than “the scream?”

I am SOOOO sorry. I do not mean to bombard you with all these questions and bring you into “my scream.” But I want you to consider things that you might not want to consider. What’s the payoff for me? I’ll know I’m not alone in “my scream.”

I took to the easel today after writing a God Sonnet that was a “bloody mess.” A transfusion-required sonnet. I was in EXCRUCIATING PAIN! I told a friend I was in this place and I would go paint. I said to him (and really questioned), “Maybe that’s why the word ‘pain’ is in the word ‘paint?'” I knew red and black would show up on the canvas, but I didn’t really expect my hand to come through the painting. But I just needed to “break through” this pain I was in. Now that the painting is done, is the pain gone? As long as the word “pain” is in the word “paint,” I’ll probably still be in pain. I do not want to be a “tortured artist,” but I also do not want to be an artist who will shy away from the torture. I want to be an artist who goes “deep” to “break through.” Because this way, the glory will surely be worth the pain. And this way might be the ONLY way to “break through” the pain.

Celebrate your scream today. I don’t know what color the sky is in your world if you don’t hear right now that the whole world is screaming. It’s groaning, sure. And it’s moaning, right on! But the world is REALLY screaming, because someone is about to lose his position in the world. The ruler of this world who I dare not mention his name is about to get thrown out. Trump? Okay. Biden? I care not. I am talking about the REAL ruler of the world who has been doing a bang-up, nasty job of ruling this world in a bang-up, nasty fashion. But he is about to go out and go out with a….well….”bang.” A “SCREAM!!!!” And if you think he’s not interested in taking you out with him, THINK AGAIN!!!! You ARE the target. We are ALL the target. Get right with God NOW because an hour later may be too late. For, “the hour has come” and that bears a SERIOUS scream!!!! It might just be a scream of delight with hate losing and Love Winning. I didn’t see that scream coming. Might be just that!

It’s okay to scream!!!!

Blessings and love and “the scream” always,

Timothy J. Verret

2 thoughts on “IT’S OKAY TO SCREAM!!!!

  1. I have a scream just waiting to come out. Like a tickle in my throat, like Edvard Munch’s scream, just need a place and time. How about now?


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