Don’t let me lose “hopely” in humanity. Tell me humanity is Hope and Holy….HOPELY!!!!….where animal welfare is concerned.

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in HOPELY!!!! [as a side note, I’M SERIOUS!!!! that I had to “bleed” much in writing this sonnet; I lost so much blood, I need a blood transfusion”)

You can’t acclimate to a climate change

of a world heated with you at defrost.

You’ve been too “hard” for too long. Please arrange

what you hoped for. Know there’ll be some things lost.

One thing to be said for me: I KNOW PAIN!!!!


I want to say, “It’s behind you. Now, gain.”

Then, why this lost of hope? “Oh, God, DO TELL????”

We need Him. We need Holy. We need Hope.

We got nothing (“I’M SERIOUS!!!!”) our own.

We will hurt (“I’M SERIOUS!!!!”), we will mope.

“Oh, God, LOVE US!!!! Hear each and every moan

and groan.” This God Sonnet was “tightrope” me.

What we need is Hope and Holy….HOPELY!!!!

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