God is SO Good even when we’re SO bad

I have never met a “bad” animal because God tells me they are SO good. Don’t be “on the fence” about the fact that God loves His Animals. “And when God created His Animals, God saw that it was ‘SO good.'” (Genesis 1:25).

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in God SO Good today because I’m assured to think I’m SO bad”)

Getting up in the morning for you: NO!

You get up anyway with “Oh, my God!”

When you’re “bad” like this, God is So Good, So

eager to bring you Heaven for façade.

I swear the word, “so,” I speak all the time.

It suits my need for living intensely.

Everything SO this, SO that, SO sublime,

SO sorrow. God is SO Good immensely.

“Give thanks! God SO Good! God’s Mercy endures

forever.” When we fall short, God rises,

takes the lead when God SO “sincerely yours.”

SO bad? SURRENDER! Comes in all sizes.

I pray you know God’s NOT a “deadbeat dad.”

God is SO Good even when we’re SO bad.

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