“A man to be left with nothing but his breathing intact” is the line I delivered as an actor here with this photo in a play entitled TEAR DOWN. This is probably my favorite line from any play I acted in. We are left with nothing but our breathing intact AND a “build us up in belief.” Did I fail to mention I’m downright upset that I did not post an animal picture I normally include here? But this picture and line I posted was just too downright appropriate.

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in the ‘build us up in belief’ this daily leavened bread”)

You need a build up in belief for gain

that brings you from hopelessness to hopeful.

Believing in you to see you through pain

is like draining a wound to be boastful.

I build up in belief when I come down

hard, when hope is the fall ’cause I’m prideful.

I ask, “God? You know my nervous breakdown.

Help me?” God answers, “Build Me Up Rightful!”

“Blessed are those who don’t see but do believe.”

Doubting Thomas is us. We need the nails

from the wounds and our fingers to retrieve

what Jesus paid to believe “heads or tails?”

Building ourselves up is brief with much grief.

“Tear us down, God. Build us up in belief.”

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