3 times Peter rejected Jesus (Luke 22:54-62). 3 times Jesus asked for affection from Peter (John 21:15-17). Sometimes (kidding, of course), I wonder if this comes close to the many times a cat like my Conrad will reject you?

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in never rejecting Jesus and never being rejected by others, though the world rejected Jesus first”)

In your “wrong mind,” you despise rejection.

In your right mind, it’s not just about you.

Someone hurting you is imperfection.

We all screw up, fall short, fail tried and true.

When rejection shows up, I call it quits.

I’m ready to close shop, “For Sale” my heart.

It’s only when I feel “this is the pits”

that I reopen for business, compart.

“If the world rejects you, they rejected

me first,” says Jesus. We hurt as He hurts

from those who love world, hate Love reflected

through Him. “Love them anyway,” He asserts.

Jesus asked Peter, “Have you affection

for me?” 3 for 3 from his rejection.

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