Don’t breed or buy while shelter animals die. Care enough to tell a shelter animal, “I’m over the moon for you, I’ve lost the will NOT to adopt you, and I’m found because I’m taking you home.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in the first 3 steps of recovery: 1. Admitted death to ego [‘I’m over’] 2. God present for the defeat [‘I’ve lost’] and 3. Time to dance for God [‘I’m found’]”)

“I’m over.” You say goodbye to ego.

“I’ve lost.” You didn’t even have a chance.

“I’m found.” You took “you” lined up on death row.

Right before the end, God spoke, “Time to dance.”

“I’m over.” I wanted more time with “me.”

“I’ve lost.” I was never one for defeat.

“I’m found.” I prayed for the reality

when God would whisper, “We finally ‘me’et!”

“Deny you, pick up your cross, and seek me.”

We were poor in spirit, we mourned, then meek

we became, intended to be this free.

We lost nothing, only found God mystique.

No more of “us” for them to kick around.

WE’RE JESUS! “I’m over. I’ve lost. I’m found.”

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